Friday, July 16, 2010

I needs me one of these....

Seriously...I do. Not this exact one, but something like it...I found a cheaper teal one at Walmart for $75...not too shabby. Methinks I needs me one of these here bikes....with a cute little baby trailer tagging along behind. Tho these Taga Bikes look really neat-o, too.
I'm dreaming of cooler days and nights, so I can be more outside active....and dreaming of a smaller bod. Jax is now 3 months old and I'm ready to be done with the baby weight. Done, ya hear me? I'd like things to FIT. I've got lots of inspiration around friend has lost over 35 lbs (that's like losing an Aube!), another who is doing awesome counting points, another who rides a bike with her kiddos in tow and then loves to do tae bo. I think I want to follow in their footsteps! I started by switching to Diet soda, finally. Tho I may give it up all together (if it wasn't for the headaches) cause really...Diet is no regular! And what fun is that??
I really wish there was a "get-thin-quick" scheme that worked (and was free). Cause I'm still convinced that my problem with my feet is that there is just too much weight on them right now. Oh, my feet? Have I not complained enough about this? I have constant foot pain...everytime I get up from sitting, I curse (Mormon-cursing, in my brain) because the pain is still so shocking and I limp off like an 80 year old. After I get warmed up, I can walk like a normal person....but you have to sit sometime, and the process starts all over again! So, to try and manage the pain, I've been visiting a chiropractor....3 times a week for a month, then 2 times a week for another month, then another month with once a week. I'm only on my 3rd week....but it does manage it a bit...and my back feels tons better. I'm hoping after this 3 month treatment, and skimming some of the weight off, I can feel normal again! Why must our bodies just completely fall apart?? I mean, we women give birth to tiny human beings! We should be granted super powers after going through that!

And here's a super-off-subject-side note for you: Charlie (if you don't know who I am talking about, you need to do some catching up! Get with the times, yo!) is on a new TNT TV show called Rizzoli and Isles. He's just as witty and least in the first episode. Thank you, TNT, for bringing me yet ANOTHER cop show. What's with the cop shows?? There's like eleven-teen hundred of them on this summer (Rookie Blue -good, The Good Guys-lame, The Closer-oldie but goodie, The Glades-verdict still out, same for Memphis Beat). Ahh...summer we have a love-hate relationship! At least there is SYTYCD (ahhh....Kent...) and Last Comic Standing.

Goodness gracious, that's a rambler....I should probably go to sleep and get my sanity back.

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Krista said...

Girl! I am right there with you. I gained a lot with this pregnancy and I weigh more than I ever have without being prego. There is no bike riding going on with 113 degree heat here. It sucks!! We should try to motivate each other because I have no motivation at all!!
Oh, and I love that bike!! So cute. And I think I'm going for Kent now too. Or maybe Lauren. Why is everyone getting hurt this year???
Love ya!! *Hugs*

Lois Brown said...

Charlie was also on the Closer last season as the rapist who got away! I liked seeing him on Rizzoli and Isles. Go for the bike and don't wait for it to get cooler, you might be waiting for forever lol! I know a good podiatrist for your feet (yes, I work for one). I hope they get feeling better soon!!! nothing worse then feet that hurt to walk on. When people do come with feet problems that want to keep exercising Doctor tells them stationary bike or ellipticle (sp?) machine so I think a bike is a good choice!

Julie said...


"sew crafy"

or "sew addicted"--as your blog post title would fit well too ;)

Simply Sarah *K* said...

Who else got hurt?? I haven't watched this weeks, yet...probably won't till Sunday b/c of work, dangit!
And it was surprising, I only gained maybe 20 lbs with this pregnancy, which I've already lost...but I was fat to begin with, so that's what I'm working with now! Bleh.

I might actually see if your podiatrist is on our insurance, I forgot that's who you worked with, Lois! I've never had this kind of constant pain before, it's ridiculous!

Krista said...

Oh man....sorry!! I didn't mean to say something before you watched:) It was Ashley. I still don't know what she did. I missed the first part so I have to go back and watch the beginning.
My feet were like that when I was prego and retaining water. They felt like needles every time I stood up especially first thing in the morning when I had been off them all night. Could you still be retaining some water? I hope you get it figured out because that sucks to have.