Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sew Addicted {& a Giveaway}

Sew, this is officially my 1000th post! Wowza. I had to look back and see when I actually started this blog. And um, yeah...I started it on July 15th, 2007. Three lovely years ago this week...so hitting 1000 is pretty fitting. I don't know HOW I managed to post that many times in 3 years....oh wait, yes I do...I used to post 2, sometimes 3 times a day....way back when. But really....no one is that interesting to be posting twice a day, I probably should have been doing the dishes or something.
It's amazing the things that have changed in 3 years. And I've got it all catalogued in my handy-dandy blog...which is one of the reasons I don't ever think I'll stop (that and since I'm no good at scrapbooking these days, I can actually remember when things happened!)! James and I love looking back at old videos and pictures of Bella's frizzy hair. One of these days I'll actually get around to printing it out!

As time goes on, we pick up new obsessions addictions  hobbies...
Lately for me, I spend every spare minute I can hanging out with my sewing machine.
I think I've asked for one for the last 10 Christmas'....something 'better' always came up, tho....it never seemed like a neccessity! But now...I don't think I could live without my dear Singer. The possibilites are really endless!

It's seriously an addiction....you'll see....

It started out with making tie onesies....tho I am still learning how to navigate corners...and I like the big hand-stitched look better anyways...
Then I made Jax a blanket....I fell in LOVE with this fabric...I have a whole yard left that I haven't done anything with because I just like to LOOK at it...it makes me smile :). I'm also in the process of trying to create some little stuffed monsters...but a couple other things got in the way...
Such as...making camera straps. I made this black and white one for myself for my new camera....I even learned how to put a pocket on it (thanks to a tutorial....phew). I'm still working on my 'ruffling' technique, too...
I had a friend commission me to make a strap for her sister's birthday....so I made 4. Just in case.
My piano was feeling a little lonesome...so I made her a runner out of scraps. I tried to put an actual binding around this runner, but failed miserably...I'm not going to give up, tho! Binding just makes things looks so sweet. So, for now...this runner has a raw, frayed edge, which actually looks pretty decent.
And, of course, Lil Miss Tooth Fairy....I've told you about here before ;).
Then I learned out to do ruffles (which are so easy, peasy...I want to put them on everything!)
For the 4th, I recreated this Burlap and Doily Flag. I love it because I don't have to give it up after July...it will fit perfectly in my kitchen!
My diaper bag was falling apart a bit...the bottom stitching was coming apart (stinkin' Target! I expect this from a Walmart bag, but not you! Don't let me down again!!) so...I undid ALL the bottom stitching...whipped together some pockets and sewed it all back up. I have NO IDEA how I did it.
Seriously, it turned out so well, I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner! And this fabric...I can't get enough of it. Something about the orange and teal just speaks to me ;). It says "buy more of meeeee" (in a zombie-esque voice, of course).
Then yesterday....I whipped up some burp rags...yup...just whipped them up while I watched a few old episodes of Vampire Diaries. They even have chenille on the back....ooooo aaaahhhh....James came home from work and asked me where I got them. Silly man.
Duh! I made them...."You made them??"
And I finally finished my fabric roses. I saw the tutorial on Snowy Bliss....and it was instantly one of those things I just HAD to do....and to finish the ones I wanted, it took me about a month, since my crafting is done when I have time...usually naptimes (or when my kids are especially annoying, I go and hide from them in my craft room, it's amazing how the hummmm of a sewing machine can drown things out).  Of course, my stems aren't as 'bend-y' as hers are...methinks she used real rose stems? Mine are just dowel rods...even tho I searched the flower dept at Joanns for stems, no luck.
My fave one is the blue one back there...James hates it...says it doesn't really look like a flower. Silly man.
One reason why I wanted to make the flowers (other than to look totally cute on my piano) was to send to our Gramma Carols, who has been under-going treatment for breast cancer. I was hoping the flowers would make her smile a little bit each day. AND....the flowers will be around forever! No wilting or fading!

And because I can't just do one thing....I made her a frame with T for her last name (Big T, little t, what begins with T?), lined with tin to make it magnetic. And also sending a picture of her with James and I, when we were babies...
I was told her favorite color was Orange, so thats when I went and found these Teal and Orange prints, and have had a special feeling for them ever since!
Sew now you see....it's just one thing after another, and it doesn't stop here! More and more things-to-do are added to my list daily, in fact, I have a SUPA-SECRET PROJECT going on right now, yay!!!!
I've had so many people say to me 'you need to sell your stuff' and I think I'm ready. It's one of those things where, yeah...I can make it for MYSELF, but why would anyone want to buy it? And that thought has kept me out of the Etsy world for too long. I've got a long 'ole list of stuff I'd love to sell. But I'm having the darnedest time coming up with a Shoppe name. Seriously...so many ideas, either someone already had that name idea or it's too silly to repeat!

And that's where my GIVEAWAY comes in.
(a prize for actually making it thru this "look what I can do" post)

I'm giving away a set of four fabric roses....(the teal and orange set in the picture labelled #1 - minus the brown one, sorry...only had enough to make one of those!  OR, if you're REALLY nice and want black and white ones, I'll do that)  AND I'll make you a magnetboard frame with your letters on it and two magnets to match.

Here's what you have to do:
Leave a comment, and a Shoppe name suggestion. Ü
(or if you don't have a suggestion, just leave me some love, you can still win)

I'll close this giveaway on Friday, July 16th and then announce the winner on Saturday.

And if you're extra sweet...I might throw in a little foot massage from Aube.
She's pretty good at it, too Ü.



Julie {Coco1981} said...

Ok, so I don't have a shop name, sorry. So I'm not entering the giveaway. (Even though the flowers are really pretty).

And the onesies are super cute. I have a pile of onesies I want to turn into tie onesies for my little guy. But I have a question. I made one, but the edges on the tie frayed. Have you had that problem with any of yours? Or am I supposed to be ironing all the raw edges under?

Anonymous said...

Go do the dishes

Simply Sarah *K* said...

I'll do the dishes later.

And you can still enter, Julie ;), you dont have to leave a suggestion! That was kind of a joke, anyways.
BUT...My ties are always frayed on the edges. I like that look...esp after they've been washed. But I've had good luck with Fray Check on other projects. There are several varieties of that kind of thing...just dab along the edges and you should be good to go.

Rebecca said...

Love the flowers!!!

Krista said...

You better go get a shop because I want to buy your stuff!!! I have a sewing machine but I need you to show me how to do this fun stuff. I wish I lived closer. Did you have a pattern for the tie onesies? They look like they shouldn't be too hard??? Anyway, does someone have 'simplysarahk'??? It might be easier to have the same name for that and your blog. Either way, make it an easy name that people can remember if they don't have anything to write it down on, you know? I asked about someone's store at church and I can't remember it for the life of me and she wasn't in our ward. Love you and love your stuff!! Can't wait to peruse your store:)

Julie said...

I was thinking the same thing... simply sarah k. I LOVE SEWING! I love love love the fact that I can see something in the store or on etsy for 20 dollars or MORE and I can make it at home for less than 5! Such gratification comes from that for me! Oh, if that is taken how about crafty sarah k? Ü

Lois Brown said...

Not good with names, but I know you will come up with the perfect one! You are so talented and I would love to win your give-a-way!!! Too fun! Congrats on the 1000 post!

JanEllenSanders said...

I SO need to be your neighbor!! You have such an artistic flare...you and Stephanie... I love seeing what you make. I always think...some day I will/might make something like that...

What about your Hershey Kissed? Something that shares a passion....stinkin Sargent genes....

Shannon said...

Ok, I am a bit late on this, but YES! The first name I thought of when I came over to yuor blog was "Simply Sarah *K*" I think that would be darling, too the point and that way you can really sell ANYTHING you want!

You are so dang crafty, you blow me out of the water lady! Love it all! And I will be frequenting your shop because I love how you do SO MANY different crafts, not just one!

Oh yeah, and I need those flowers ;)

Bell Family Blog said...

I love this post Sarah, you make me laugh. I agree with everybody else, Simply Sarah K would be really cute and I am so excited for you to open up your own etsy shop! Seriously I will buy one of everything :) I love all your crafts, dang girl you are so talented!!

Cheree said...

Wow! You have been busy! And everything looks so great!!!

I love my machine too (although I haven't done nearly as much with it).

As far as a name? Yeah - us accountant types aren't known for being creative . . . :)

Jenni said...

Maybe simply sewing sarah? I just want to be entered to win. I read through this post twice because I am amazed and inspired by your creativity. Lot sof people would want to nuy your stuff. I want to buy half your living room and move it over to my house.

Jenny said...

I like both "Simply Sarah *K* AND "Hershey Kissed"---and my lack of creativity is in direct correlation to the fact that I want to be entered and can't think up these cute ideas myself! You're adorable, missy.

Laura said...

wow!! I'm am so amazed at what my crafty sister can do!! wow. I wanna grow up to be just like you. I agree with the people who have already commented... "Simply Sarah K" or "Hershey Kissed" sound great... another one just for kicks - "Simply Charming" ?? haha.. I just like the word Simply. Pure and Simple, good words to live by.