Friday, February 11, 2011

Crafty McCrafterson....the second.

Before Katie came to visit, I was in a rush to get a few decorations done and up on the walls. I had the stuff I needed for MONTHS....but they just sat there. In a pile. Looking at me with those big dramatic eyes....

Remember when I talked about my big, fat, blank wall {no? oh...well, click on that link, duh}.
Well...its FINALLY got stuff on it.
And you know feels...complete? Maybe?
It feels like maybe I should put some curtains up....or re-stain my kitchen table and I might actually, dare I say....LIKE my house?! Eek. Well, maybe I need to finally like it so we can sell it...that's how it works, right?
In searching for ideas for the big, fat, blank wall.....there seemed to be a trend of silhouettes. Which I love. Love. LOVE. order to recreate my own....I picked up some $2 charger plates {why are they called CHARGER plates anyways? Odd word for big, fat, plastic-y plates} and some white vinyl. I took a picture of each of my kids....putting in the same spot and taking the picture from the same distance least for Aube and Bella. Jax...well...lets say, I did my best and basically free-handedly cut his picture. He's a mover and a shaker, that boy! So don't look to closely at his :|
I printed off the picture I took, cut the silhouette out of that, then traced it the direction I wanted them facing onto the back of the vinyl. Terribly, terribly simple! Seriously....if I can do it, you can do it!
I think they turned out ok. I think on the next one I do, I'll put Bella's hair in a ponytail or something like that. And not make Jax's occipital bone so ginormous.
I found all these frames at the thrift store....of course, where else, right? The middle two are matching....and proof that even the ugliest of frames look uber-cute when you spray paint them! Especially in black.
I think I may add some keys or something to those...but I do like the little splash of off-the-wall color. Taking a step away from all the RED I always put with my black, too...
The lower frame is filled with a Wordle. If you haven't ever done one of these...go to the Wordle website and take a'll be hooked! I made these for practically everyone for Christmas this year.
My dumpster frame!
We also moved the big desk into the front room, since I'm not working anymore, I dont need an office. And since its got a big, fat, blank spot of its own...I've been trying to come up with things to fill it, too!
Thanks to my sister Jennifer....I was able to put this plaque {hmmm....isnt that the tooth build-up way to say it...can't think of the actual right a sister out...} she made. Thanks Jenner!
I guess you could call the red flower ball....a topiary. I'm getting a big FAIL on descriptions today, aren't I? I blame it on the aspartame too early in the morning.
This topiary...was done by putting a million little circles of felt onto a Styrofoam ball with hot glue. It was hot fun, I tell ya! And there really were a MILLION circles...but the end result....I'm in Love. I think I need to make a few more!
Another section of the still-pretty-bare desk top-top....has this....a {Crap! There is a word for this too....a...a....} Really Large Vase! Gah...I don't care anymore...which is actually my Christmas present from my sis, cards to Hobby Lobby are total perfection!
I modpodged some styrofoam balls and now this is their home. I'm thinking of changing it with each season....maybe something green and glittery for March?
So there you go.
Whenever I have people over and as they are looking at all my crazy crafting displayed on my walls....I think, holy goodness, 95% of my decorations are HANDMADE. Is this good? I dunno....sometimes I feel silly because I'll see something and say, Why buy it?! I can MAKE it!
Ack. It's a sickness!

Now I need to go convince a little man he needs to take a nap...he always does this to me when I have places I need to be! We're now down to 30 minutes, dude!


Jenni said...

All your craftiness makes me want to go home and make things. Alas at the moment my extra income is being spent on a teenager and higher education a deux. Just think of the time and money I will have to make cool stuff of my own in a few years! I will be at your house often for guidance.

Bell Family Blog said...

Such cute things Sarah, love it! I hope to get some ambition one of these days and start making some of these things for myself that I would really like to have in my house, thank goodness you blog about it so I can come back later and see how to do it. :)

Julie said...

Cute! Well, if it's a sickness, I have it too! I say the same thing, "Why pay that price when I can make it for half that or less"