Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I need to learn how to share....

......don't I??

I constantly get "where did you get that?!" So...I'm going to start sharing...before I forget!

Not to say I'm feeble-minded....but I am good at grabbing a link and not bookmarking it...so when someone wants to know where I got it...I can't say! :\

Here is my latest find from Made with Love and Glue. She posted a tutorial awhile back and this picture just happened to be in on the side table with her finished project.....and everyone wanted it! {including me!}  So I was oh-so-happy that she posted a link to download! So go to her website and download it!! It comes in color and black and white. Good stuff. Its such a very lovely candid shot of our Prophet. He's such a happy guy!!
Feelin' the love?? Happy to SHARE!


Christina said...

Now for the REAL question...can you COME TO ME and share your hands?!? You are so crafty and everytime you post something...ahhhh jealousy!! So, wanna come for a visit...and CRAFT the whole time?!?! heheh