Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I told you I would do this more often!!

I am often, often, OFTEN looking for ways to keep my kiddos quiet during the hour that is Sacrament Meeting. {For those of you, who aren't LDS..Sacrament meeting is our main meeting at church, it's where we partake of the bread and water and renew our covenants we've made with our Heavenly Father, then we listen to talks given by members of our congregation....want to know more? Take a look.}
Sacrament meeting is a very long hour for our family! The parents just want to listen and learn, the girls just want to color and eat {and eat and eat} and Jax....well, Jax just wants to play and screech. It's right during the little dude's naptime...not an easy time! But there's really nothing that can be done with him....we just have to ride it out...6-8 more months, then he'll calmtheheckdown.

So my focus is usually on keeping the girls occupied during this first block of our meetings. For the longest while, I just brought coloring books....mixed in with some different things here and there. But now, as they get older, I'm trying to change things up...get them ready and more importantly, TEACH them how they need to be concentrating on the Savior during this hour, not coloring princess pictures the entire time. The longest, shortest hour of the week. One of the most important hours of the week!

The question is how do you teach them, when all you want them to do it be quiet? Well...just give them the tools to help them make that decision to be reverent, right?

Which is why I was excited to come across the blog post today at Brown Paper Packages. Glory, glory, hallelujiah! Quiet book printables! There is nothing better than a picture book, right?
She shares a link for a pretty nifty looking quiet book from Simply Fresh Designs. You can print them off as 4x6 pictures and either laminate or put them into one of those small $1 photobooks.

There is the We Believe quiet book....but also a Book of Mormon Stories (WITH PICTURES! yay!), stories of the Prophet and Apostles, and the Articles of Faith. Of course, most of these are geared toward the older children in our families...the ones on the lovely path of reading. But little ones like to look at the pictures....so stick a few family pictures in there....or make your husband draw some goofy pictures, like I make James do ;) haha.

So, there you go....my SHARE of the week :).

And if you're looking for something spring-y and cute to print off....check out this pennant bunting printable at Sprik Space. Adorable!
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Bell Family Blog said...

This is FABULOUS!!! Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to print the Quiet book our for my girls, they love that Gospel ABC one you showed me.