Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I need to blog.

But who has the time?

It's on my list, though!
Along with a lot of other things:
Send the birthday packages that have been sitting on my table for over a week now! {sorry Emily, sorry Grams! Sorry Gramma Fiehler! I'm no good at sending things out on time! February is the the birthday month that sneaks up on me! I'm going to do it tho!}
Dust! {yuck}
Make some shirts for a surprise trip we're going on.
Pack for said trip.
Clean my bathroom/room, etc...since the girls bathroom is broken :( and my crafty friends coming over tomorrow will have to traipse thru my room to use the loo. Can't have a dirty loo, that's just embarrassing.

Anyways...just dumb stuff keeping me busy, I know. My full-time job is my kids, and they keep me BUSY. And not just busy, but occupied. You know that feeling, right?
But to each his own....every one's life is different. What may seem small, insignificant and "less important" to some people....is a big job to others. I hate coming across comments people have made...sitting high on their throne-of-self-importance....casting judgement down to us peons. Looking for a pat on the back because THEY found time to DO. IT. ALL.

Just sayin'.


Emily said...

Pretty sure being a Mother is the best job in the entire word, not only for you, but for you kids, and for your eternal salvation! GO YOU for being a stay at home mom!! :) You know what's really important in life, just sayin'

Krista said...

How fun to be going on a surprise trip. Can't wait to hear about it!!
I think I'm busier now than when I was working! Being a Mom is nonstop especially with each baby that comes along:) And whoever says they have DONE IT ALL is LYING!! :)

Jennifer said...

But the said person who has apparently "done it all" really thinks they do.. :)

And surprise trip? How fun! Can't wait to hear all about it!!

Julie said...

eh, I make my list each day in order of importance. And you know what, sometimes playing with my kiddos and showing them how much I love them trumps laundry and dishes. Don't worry about everyone else or what they do or what they think. B/C I figure if their house is always spotless, then their focus is a clean house, not their kids. And I would much rather my kids get my attention than my house. sorry house.

Jenni said...

I always think that at the end of each semsester I will finally have time to tackle all the things I have been putting off. I guess I do have the time then, but not the desire to do it!

Karen said...

You do have your hands full, Sarah! And not to discourage you, but it never really gets better, LOL. The "busy"ness just changes from toddler, to teens, to grandchildren, to aging parents... I thought once the kids were raised life would slow down... but not so much. Just stay focused on your priorities, make lists, and do your best!

As for grandma, you don't need to stress about sending a gift -- just send a quick card, or a letter, or include a couple of pictures of the kids. She just needs to know you're thinking of her. I know she appreciated the cards, letters, pictures you sent quite often last fall. We have the cards & photos on the wall of her room to remind her she's loved.

Hope your doctor tests come out okay. --Aunt Karen