Thursday, March 3, 2011

Unselfish Service.

The key word is UNSELFISH....something that I know I need to work on. To be unselfish on the outside...and on the inside. To serve those around us without "whats in it for me" in our HEARTS. Sometimes what we present to the world as our 'self' is not what is ever-present in our hearts. But it just takes an effort, right? To put forth that effort of service, completely immersing ourselves in it.

I always think, what can I do? My life revolves around my home, my immediate family, my life here and now. It feels so insignificant {especially after reading this blog by Whatever and her service in Africa...those images make even the hardest of hearts weep, don't they? What a great example she is to me!}. And when I start to feel this way...I have to remind myself that I am just a pebble....a pebble dropped in water causes a ripple that effects everything around it, right? And Heavenly Father loves the smallest of pebbles, does he not?
Thank you MamasWhoKnow for the quotes and inspiration.
(This one and many many more! Bookmark her site, you won't be disappointed)