Thursday, April 28, 2011

Showering Shannon

Last weekend I had the privelege of throwing a small shower for my friend, Shannon.
She was my first friend here in good ole Texas....and I've always told her I wanted to throw a shower for her next baby. So I was uber-excited when I found out she was preggo!
Mr Wyatt was on his own schedule and was born a bit early...born the week before the planned shower date! Thankfully her ward family threw her a shower a few months earlier. 
Because this awesome lady had never had a shower for any of her previous kiddos, she was going to get TWO this time around. The one I threw was for her oldie-but-goodie friends from the 1st ward. And I'm so grateful for the friends who came to help us celebrate and meet sweet Wyatt!

I love Shannon's sense of color...she has a good eye. And she loves Teal. Yum!
So...I went Teal-crazy.
I found one of her fave pieces of fabric and went from there.
Since it was a "Welcome to the nest" theme....I decorated with branches, little birdies, and nests.
Isn't this little paper birdhouse adorable?? Almost a week later and its STILL hanging from that branch above my piano....I just can't take it down and it may stay there forever!
I also wanted to decorate in colors and theme that Shannon could take home with her and use! Nothing like a little "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" right?
This was actually where the whole party theme stemmed from. I found a tutorial for a little birds nest necklace and fell in luuuurve. Yikes. So I went town and made twenty-too-many. They are gonna make great Mother's Day gifts!

I had meant to make the shower invites....but my Silhouette wouldn't cooperate with the idea I had....which I am thankful for because I came across these printable invites on Dimpleprints Etsy Shop! Soooo cute! The owner of the shop, Carli, was fantastic to work with and I went back and bought a cute banner to match the invites!
One of the things I was most excited about {other than getting to hold a REALLY cute baby, of course} was my cupcake tree. This wasn't my brainchild....I came across the idea thru Tip Junkie via Icing Designs. And it was a absolute hoot to make! I crossed my fingers as we placed the cupcakes on the branches and let out a huge sigh of relief when it actually worked!!
Cupcakes! In a tree!
I am now highly addicted to Oreo truffles. Click on that link to get the recipe. So easy. So yum. Make at your own risk!
One thing I DIDN'T get was pictures of the apologies! I did get ONE...pretty Julie, with sweet Wy.

I planned sort of a spastic menu....sushi/California rolls because I knew Shannon is a fan....and chocolate fountain because my neighbor was like 'here use this'....guacamole because its YUM....cherry tomatoes toothpicked together with mozzarella cheese.....and mini quiches because...well...I dunno. Ü No theme there, yo....but can you tell I went to Costco, haha! Costco rocks for parties.
I'm SO grateful for Mrs Shannon....she's one of those people you really count yourself lucky to have as a friend! I'm SO glad she was blessed with this beautiful son and she let me throw a little party to celebrate her!


Julie{isCocoandCocoa} said...

It was such a cute shower, you throw the best parties!! I'm glad that I was able to be there.

Jenni said...

Now I'm even more bummed I couldn't make it.

Bell Family Blog said...

Sarah you are amazing! Shannon is one lucky girl! I love all the decorations and your cupcake tree is fabulous! Love it all!!

Mrs.D said...

Hi Sarah, I came across your site and wanted to know if we could share this with our Facebook fans at DimplePrints. We haven’t seen a birds nest baby shower yet with out printables, so I thought I’d share your page if that’s ok. Thanks and great job!
~Abbey- Blogger for DimplePrints

Simply Sarah *K* said...

Abbey! Sorry to delay responding to this {I thought I had :\} But of COURSE you can use it!!

Shannon said...

It was amazing! You sure know how to make me feel special and loved! Thanks for all your hard work, it seriously turned out wonderful! Can't wait to hang up those banners in Wy's room!