Thursday, May 26, 2011



I just ran.

5 miles.

Well....I ran 1/3 of 5 miles, walked the rest.

See....I have this friend who is a runner. She loves to run. Loves it. She's always asking me to go with her.

I always make up excuses! Eek!

{Except tonite}

I went.

And ran.

Now I am very, very tired.

And very, very looking forward to the next time I can go and run.

The end.


Christina said...

GO GIRL!!! I need to get back into running. I used to really love it...
Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Were you being chased by zombies or something? Usually they give up the chase after 2-3 miles.

Rule #1 - C A R D I O

Jenny said...

I think the zombie thing would actually make me quite a better athlete. Maybe I should implement them into my workout routine as well.

Jenni said...

I feel your pain. I hate running and it takes a while for those rumored endorohins to kick in, but afterwards I like the feeling of accomplishment almost enough to think about doing it again.