Saturday, May 21, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Being that this was my first "official" teacher appreciate week....I wanted to make it extra special for Ms Handley. She has done so much for Bella.
So, I did 5 days of appreciation!

On the first day, Bella gave her a nest pendant.
{Leftovers from Shannon's shower :\ we can only do so much, right?}
On the second day...
Bella gave out handmade bookmarks to all the Kinder teachers, art and music teachers, aides and secretary's.
It was so fun to see all the unexpecting teachers  face's light up.
These were SO fun to make. I am seriously addicted to making the rosettes now!
 The third day....well....I'm racking my brain and I can't for the life of me remember what Bella gave her the third day! Oh my! And it was only 2 weeks ago that we did this! Eek. Oh well....

The fourth day, Bella gave out Oreo truffles to all the Kinder teachers.
There are only 5 Kinder teachers...So I had 3 containers left over....I could have given them to the secretary's or something...but oh my YUM, I love Oreo truffles! So easy to make, too!
 The top of the container said "Thank you for all your 'truffles'". Ü I don't know if they got it...James didn't :\ but what can you do?! I thought it was cute!
And then on the 5th day, Bella gave her a coffee cozy {first one I've ever made, so...yeah...hopefully she didn't look too close!} with a gift card to Starbucks in it. Around Valentines, Bella wrote Ms Handley a note asking what her favorite treat was....and the reply was Starbucks and Hershey kisses! Caffeine and chocolate...two major ingredients in getting thru a Kinder day, I'm sure!

So...there we go! Teacher Appreciation week!


Krista said...

Oh my goodness!! Those are awesome!! A friend of mine was making those nest necklaces too but I love the blue eggs!! And I need the recipe for the truffes!! I got it....James just needs a little help:)

Bell Family Blog said...

So cute Sarah! I love the bookmarks! What is in the oreo truffles? Im glad you gave some stuff to the music and art teachers, they do a lot too and I think sometimes they get forgotten.

Simple Traditions said...

I love these ideas, Sarah!! Where do you come up with them? and Yes, I need to know what are in those oreo truffles and how to make them, too.