Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pull-apart pizza.

With my family living with us, I have felt the need to step up my dinner-game.
As in....easy, "fabulous" meals....DIFFERENT meals....our family is notorious for spaghetti, hamburger helper, chicken stuff and bean burritos....aaaaaand repeat.

So, thanks to Pinterest {if you haven't wasted several hours of your time on this betta get yoself over der...let me know if you want an invite!} I came across a twist to another family favorite: pizza! We are on quite the tight budget these days, so no getting pizza on a weekly basis. And since I hate {hate, hate, hate} freezer-pizza, I'm always wary at even trying to make my own!

But Pull Apart Pizza, found on Sweet Treats Good Eats, is Holy Yum Yum.
The crust is a roll of Pillsbury French Bread, we couldn't find "french" so we used Italian bread...same thing, right?! :\
It turned out maaaahvelous!
Seriously. Try it.
Your family will thank you!


Bell Family Blog said...

Fabulous! Im going to try it! Thanks for sharing!!

Colton Anne said...

I'm way excited to try this now!! :)