Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's I-luuuurve-you-day

Look at these babies!
This is from our very first Valentine's Day together...12 years ago. Yikes.
James had just proposed 2-3 days before.
Good memories.

We kicked off the Valentine's festivities with a ward dance on Saturday night.
We boogied the night away.
I even got to do the Electric Slide....showin' my age on that request.
{Especially when the youngsters commented "oh this is the slow version"}
 Please forgive the horrible fuzzy picture....
I was trying to take it without being "that mom"...
but Bella's little friend, Grant, came up and asked me if Bella could dance with him....
so they did. Shyly. And silently.
 Today Bella's class had a Valentine's party.
I appreciate teachers even more after spending some time in the classroom! Those children are crazy-cakes! And put a little sugar in them....yikes. They are all so sweet, tho!
 And because I'm an overachiever....I wanted her to give handmade valentines. But I think they turned out really well...and pretty simple to make! Traditional friendship bracelets {with a piece of chocolate taped to the back} ....brought back fabulous memories while I was making them!
I have to give credit where credit is due.
I found this idea on Pintrest...of course, where else!
And the printable was done by Dandee Designs. Check out her blog...she has SO many cute Valentine printables! Pin them for next year! {Pin all the things!}
 I know a lot of people aren't fans of Valentine's Day....it's dubbed as the fake holiday....the greeting card companies trying to make more money. But I'm a sucker for it. I love Love Day. I'm not a good gift giver to the husband....everything I can think of is totally lame. So this year.....I've been texting him every hour on the hour {almost....I slacked off this afternoon} telling him why I loved him. It's not much, but I hope it made him smile. AND....I'm cleaning the house. He never says anything about my lack of homemaking skillz....but who wouldn't want to come home to a clean, clutter-free house? Right?! Oh well...it's the little things.

The hubs surprised me this year with flowers! He swore that he would never buy me flowers after an incident that happened 10 years ago....
he bought me flowers  for some random occasion....it might have been Valentine's, but I'm not 100 % on that....the mind gets foggy with age. And instead of keeping said flowers, I gave them to my sister who was having a bad day.
So, ever since then, the running "joke" has been that he won't get me flowers because I'll just give them to someone else. Ha.
Not this time!
{tho I did send him a text telling him I gave them to my mom, mwhahah...joke}
And tonight we have plans to eat at Benihana....yum!

Better get back to mopping! Ü


Cheree said...

Ohh - where in your house did you paint a purple wall?! Gosh - it's been too long since we've gotten together!

Happy V day!!