Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Burlap Chevron Pennant Tutorial

I'm going to be posting a few tutorials here....just a heads up Ü.
I will explain at another time. Hehe. Don't let the suspense keep you up at night.

So...I love Chevron. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
And when I came across this Chevron Pennant Tutorial at Tatertots&Jello, I knew I needed to recreate it. She's awesome and uses her Silhouette to cut her fabric...but I haven't reached that level of awesomeness....yet!
Here is my simplified tutorial.

Find a template!
Google Pennant template and you're sure to find what you're looking for.
Same with the Chevron template.

Cut your burlap.
(and treat the edges....I use modpodge or fraytackwhateveritscalled)
 Cut your Chevron stripes. I used 3-4 per pennant. But it just depends on the size of your pennant.
 To attach the Chevrons, I put small dabs of glue to hold it in place.
 Then I ran a zigzag stitch around the give it a little bit extra.
 A straight stitch would look great, too!
 When each pennant was done...I hot glued each one to some twine.
 And there ya go!
Please don't mention to my OCD side that the Chevrons don't match up...sheesh.
This banner takes a bit of time...lots of little steps. But definitely definitely worth it.

(This banner was made for my friend, Miss Karen....I finally got it done! Woot!)


Danielle said...

love love love everything about this. you're awesome sarah!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl. I love the way you treat those burlap edges.

Karen and Mike Sharp said...

This is amazing, Sarah!!! Thank you SO much! You're wonderful. :)