Friday, June 8, 2012

.Chalkin' it up.

Have you ever used chalkboard paint?
I went all gung-ho and painted my pantry door with it.....don't quite regret that decision...but I'll admit I sometimes do. :\
One of the best things about a can of chalkboard lasts forever. Seriously.
I sold a good amount of these chalkboard place cards on my cousins old boutique site....and I STILL have more than half a can left. I need to make some more projects
 {such as THIS and THIS, for starters!}
Turning wood {or a pantry door} into a chalkboard is as easy as reading the instructions on the can. Make sure to apply 2 coats....sand the edges if you need to....and you'll have something fantastic your friends will ooooooo and aaaaaahhhh about when they come to your house.

{and duh....Rust-oleum didn't ask me to write this....I grabbed the cheapest can off the Home Depot shelf....} 


Danielle said...

I remember being a trend setter with the chalkboard paint. It's everywhere now!!! ;)

Danielle said...

And by trend setter, I mean I copied my SIL. Ha!

Krista said...

Hey....didn't I win some of these? :) Those are pretty cool. I need to do something with chalkboard paint. Have you done it with anything in your kids' rooms?