Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mason Jar Love.

I think if it was socially acceptable, I would decorate my entire house in Mason Jars, I love them so. But since that just wouldn't work...I find uses for them whenever I can!
Like to hold the soda tabs I "collect" (ahem, hoarder).
Or straws.
Or clothes pins.
Or pens.
Or....or....or...seriously. The list goes on and on.

So of course, I needed to add to that list and make something to hold the utensils above the stove.

This is a quick little project.
Firstly...tape the "handle" to the sides of the jar to hold it in place.
Then use little spots of hot glue to wrap the twine/jute around the neck of the jar.
 Untape the sides, and tie the handle on each side. Secure with a bit a hot glue. 
 And there you go! Somewhere fun to hang utensils. And flowers. I love dried flowers in mason jars, reminds me of a high school friends mom....she had dried flowers everywhere around her house.
(ok, written out, that memory seems kinda creepy)


Danielle said...

very cute idea! did you come up with this, or is this a replica off something from pinterest? i love it!

Simply Sarah *K* said...

I've seen one like this on Pinterest...but made with wire. You know how I love twine/jute/ I tried my hand at that!