Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Confessions of a Hair Junkie

I have to admit, I love highlights
I really do...and when I have
the money, you can bet that I will
be at a salon every time my dark brown
roots grow in!!!
(Actually, I don't really know if my roots
ARE dark brown..they might be medium or
just dirty brown)

AFTER, phase 1:
So, I got tired of my roots....
and went with a color I thought would work.
Actually, it was a mix of two, given to me
by my favorite hairdresser,
my sis-in-law, Lisa.
BUT...ick, I must have mixed it quite
wrong, cause I got that 'nice' shade of
ash-y brown that I have been running
from my whole life.

AFTER, phase 2:
I went ahead and colored again, buying a
box of Feria from the store (so sorry Lisa,
I DID buy some JOICO K-pak to
repair the damage...hopefully)
I don't quite know if I like it...I've wanted
to try this color for awhile, chickening out most times.
It's a little to 'pink', really...so I do have
another box on stand-by, once this starts to fade.

Please, please excuse the face in the last 2 pictures...
I did all this last week in the midst of my sickness!
So...I'm a MUCH happier camper in the first picture!
I actually took that first picture for another post I had
been thinking of doing...so you may see it again!


Jenny said...

Okay, first let me say that I say that you have the most adorable hair ever. I've been meaning to ask you who does your hair. I thought of just taking a picture of you and taking it to Stacie and saying "give me a Sarah Kirchman, please," but I wasn't sure that would work. So my next question is: is your sis-in-law local?

SarahK said...

Haha...you are so funny! No, she isn't local...she lives in Tucson, AZ :(...so that's a total bummer!
I keep telling her she needs to move here, she would be booked with all the biz I could get her!
But thank you for saying that! Im gonna have to find a stylist soon, it's getting a big out of control!

Krista said...

I like the red. I did the red thing a little while ago too and it was a nice change of pace. And to make you feel better about the ashy brown, my sis in law tried to color my blond highlights back to my brown a few years ago and turned it green!!! Plus, it was right before Christmas. Ugh!

Anonymous said...

I like the red, too, but why should that matter? I don't listen to you when you tell me to color my gray hair.

SarahK said...

actually, anonymous...you opinion matters more than anyone's...why do I color my hair, if not for you? Ü