Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Every time I do Bella's hair after
giving her a bath....I think to myself
It doesn't really run in our family...
we all have slight wavy hair, my youngest
sister, Hannah...when she was just getting
hair, it came in curly...we blamed it on the
humidity of Missouri, cause as soon as they
moved to Las Vegas, she lost it and now has
board-straight hair! There must be a rogue
gene out there in our genetic make-up.
OR my heavenly pleads as a teen were finally
answered in my child!
This is Hannah at age 2ish:

Not the best pictures, but you can kinda
tell there are some curls there...
Awww..I LOVE that girl.


Krista said...

It's probably some great, great, grandparents somewhere. It's funny when a blue eyed kid comes out of nowhere from an all brown eyed family. My cousin had very kinky, curly hair and they always teased my aunt about the mailman.