Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

This past weekend, we drove 8 hours to my hometown of Sikeston, MO, to my grandfather's funeral. We got a late start (duh) and missed the viewing on Friday. I was so sad to learn I had missed seeing alot of people who couldn't attend the actual funeral! We checked into our (ghetto) hotel, then went and met up with my parents and a bunch of relative at Lamberts. We were a little on the bummed side that we didn't get to order anything but thought we might be able to eat there again the next night. We stayed up late that night with my parents, I booked them in the same hotel (sorry Mom Ü)....but it was awesome to be close to them and spend so much time together.
The funeral was on Saturday, and was a beautiful service. We had a family viewing before hand, and to tell the truth, the week had been such a rush-rush time I hardly had time to feel sadness. But then seeing my grandfather in the casket in his burial clothes, tears sprang to my eyes and the sadness overcame me. I felt this way thru the whole first part of the funeral services, my mom had to ask a friend to conduct the music b/c I couldn't bring myself to do it! The obituary was read by my cousin Katie, my Father did a WONDERFUL job on the Eulogy, my cousin Jessica sang "What is this thing that men call death?" by President Hinckley. My uncle David gave a wonderful talk, as did our friend Brother Raymond. We sang the beautiful songs, How Great Thou Art and I Believe in Christ, two of my personal favorites! After the funeral, we drove 13 miles north to a small town cemetery in Morley. This is where my uncle Ed and beautiful Kathryn have been laid to rest. There was a 21 gun salute, and a bugle playing, then my father dedicated the grave. It truely was a beautiful day, even though the sky was overcast!
The awesome Sikeston ward fed our family a wonderful feast....we chit-chatted and caught up with those we hadn't seen in years!
We took a picture of the WHOLE family (minus Laura and family, Jen and family, Olivia and husband, and Lindsey --who were all asked about and truly TRULY missed!). Good times.
I have to apologize b/c I didn't get very many pictures...it didn't feel quite appropriate to have my camera out, flicking away. But mom and dad got plenty! I'm excited to get it just as soon as they finish their 20-hour drive home!
But I will post a few that I did get....in the next post, since this one is already long enough.


Kelli said...

I'm glad it was a nice service, and that ya'll have made it back safely. 21 gun salute?

Shannon said...

They sang How Great Thou Art at my Grandma Rosie's funeral when I was in HS and it has since become one of my most favorite hymns. i am glad you were able to be surrounded by friends and family to celebrate your Grandpa's life.

Krista said...

It sounds like it was really nice. I'm glad you got to go.

SarahK said...

21 gun salute is where they have 4 military men standing off to the side, and each fires their guns simultaneously 3 times. It's pretty cool...we kinda knew it was going to happen, but you still jump when they first go off. Gpa was in the military for 30 years, so he had a flag and everything on his casket.
I think How Great Thou Art is pretty popular and fitting for funerals...James sang it at his Gpa's (I had to play it for him, not married yet and in front of his WHOLE FAMILY). It's a beautiful song!

Ashley said...

Sounds like a very nice service. And wow, how cool, a 21 gun salute!!

Anonymous said...

ACTUALLY, it's wasn't really a 21 gun salute. I think it was more like the 3 volley salute. There were no cannons.

John & Janeane said...

Did you see how the most advanced ranked military guy was standing to the side and saluted the hearse (sp?) as it passed?
Hey, and don't worry a bit about the motel. In fact, it is us that should apologize... "go for the cheapest motel!! save money!!" It really wasn't bad though... and the best part was having you there close to us!!
I'm so sorry about the Lamberts thing... and then not making it back the next night... I'm sure we'll be back there in the next few years for another funeral...
AND, did you also notice how the sun came out at the cemetary? And they were forecasting tons of rain and wind! Guess it pays to buy umbrellas!