Sunday, April 6, 2008

FOR HIRE: cute little pool girl, $3000 an hour!

Bella is her daddy's little helper.
She LOVES it when she
can go outside and "help"
clean the pool.

Poor Aube...
she's not quite allowed out there
just yet....ever since she fell in
last worries, she is fine.
Just scared her daddy half to death!

I'm hoping to get a fence put
up soon...but it seems that
everything I want to do to this house
costs us $3,000!
New windows...$3,000
New bathtub....$3,000
and I can only guess...
pool fence....$3,000
Now accepting donations! Ü


Shannon said...

OK, that dress Bella has on, I love it. And Aube gazing longingly at the pool, hilarious! You get the best pictures Sarah! And yeah I will donate! You should charge us when we come over to swim this summer, cause you know we are a comin'! ;)

Julie said...

Pools are SO fun but SO much work! But how fun for you guys! YAY for Spring! And I hear you on the money thing! We were planning on building our boys a really cool tree fort in the back yard but instead we shelled out 1700 dollars on our car (that still isnt running right) UGH! Here's to more money...SOMEHOW!

JennGlamGirl said...

sO IF We Move We haVE a pool to swim in Yea! how fun, but yes very scary with little ones! Life sucks when it comes to money!

Anonymous said...

See Please Here

Krista said...

How cute!!! I would love a pool. I hope you can find a good deal on a fence so you can keep those kiddos safe and not have to worry about it all the time. Have fun. The pool looks great;)

Kelli said...

Ugh, why is everything so expensive? Poor Aubree! But I love the picture of her gazing out the window.

Jenny said...

Pools rock. You just can't survive in Texas with out one, or at least I can't! Poor Aube! David fell apart the other day because Stevie got to help Daddy and he had to stay inside :)