Friday, May 23, 2008

just call me a ROCKSTAR!

Look-eeee what the delivery man
dropped on my front porch!
Ain't it purdy?

I can now finish up around the pool...
too bad its like a massive mountain with no end!

But I'll try to keep the complaints to
a minimum...I finally get to ROCK OUT!


Janeane Jones Sargent said...

Where are you putting the rock? By the way, you are SO DARN CUTE sarah!! Love you!

SarahK said...

The rock is going around the pool...I'll post some before/after pictures when I'm done!
I get my cute-ness and hard-working nature from my MOMMA!!!

Shannon said...

Seriously, you blow my mind woman! You are such a hard worker, and it shows! The house looks great, and by the time you are done with your, I will be hiring you to help me with mine ;)