Friday, May 30, 2008

A Love Story: Wild Child meets Sweet Baby James, Part Deux

Sweet Baby James not only impressed this Wild Child but her family instantly fell in love with too. I constantly heard how nice he was and "he could come to dinner any time". At one point, a lady in the ward told me he was "a filet mignon" and to not let him go!

Our first date was the week before James sang in church, though James didn't call it a date...he said it was just a "thank you" for playing for him....we went to Texas Roadhouse Restaurant and to a movie, Red Planet. Steak and a movie....two little rituals that we STILL do, 7 years later.

The next Sunday, James sang "O Lord, My Redeemer" and made the congregation cry, me included...and it can be quite difficult to play the piano with tears in your eyes. But we made it thru and after that we spent nearly every day together.....just hanging out, eating out (gaining weight Ü), holding hands, driving around...ya know. And 2 weeks later, the topic of marriage came up.
Now...see, James was the type of guy that made fun of those returned Missionaries that met a girl and got married right away, he didn't believe that could really happen to him, I guess. So...he mentioned the idea of marriage, but said he had to pray about it first...that he wasn't quite sure about what he was feeling! It didn't take too long till we were strolling the mall, looking at rings....

And from here, the regular "dating" things took place:
I knew he had the ring that had been made for I guilted him into proposing RIGHT THEN.
We went and ate from the 79 cent breakfast menu at 2am everynight at Terrible Herbst Casino.
We kissed all the way thru Silence of the Lambs.
We used that photo machine thing to see what our first kid would look like:

(Thank goodness she's cuter!)
We tried to consistently read our scriptures together and pray together.
I quit my job, like a moron, so I spent the first half of our courtship trying to find a new job!
James locked me out of the car, so I would go apply for a job at a Scrapbook store. Which I did, but didn't get the job and ended up working for $5.15/hr at a movie theater!

We talked...and talked...and talked some more...

Our courtship was quite tame...James may not agree with that, since my moodiness got the better of me here and there....I think I only gave his ring back once!

We decided on a date in May at first...but June 1st worked out better to make sure the whole family was there.
Dating pictures:
A Day at Red Rock Canyon
One of the jobs I finally got...we worked together at Jujji Juice.

I have NO idea when or why we took this picture....but we sure do look scruffy.
But it reminds me of this one time while we were dating, when we decided to "get fit" and went running around the neighborhood. I remember feeling the burn and when we got a good ways away from home thinking, "CRAP, how are we gonna make it home?"
But we did...and went and got In & Out!

To be continued in one last post....


Shannon said...

Cute! I love this story and I can't wait to read more. I think you have inspired me to share mine, one of these days! I love that filet Mignon comment, so stinkin cute!

Julie said...

Aww! I can't wait to read the happily ever after!

Janeane Jones Sargent said...

SARAH!!! I LOVE that picture of you and James at Red Rock Canyon. Can you send me a copy of that through email? I've learned that copying them from blogs doesn't really work well... :) Thanks!! I LOVE YOUR LOVE STORY!!

Anonymous said...

you gave it back twice, actually, but who's counting? The whole family thing angle was that if I got in good with your family, it didn't matter if you liked me at first or not because you couldn't get rid of me. Ahh when we were young...watching movies after a 5pm-1am shift and waking up around lunchtime

Anonymous said...

if you click on the picture and then save it to your computer, it should work well.

Cheree said...

Marriage talk two weeks later?! Holy cow!
I guess I should share our “courtship” story too – but ours is kinda boring. We did date for a few years before any ring talk – but – I wasn’t supposed to get married “young”. That was never the plan for me – this thing was just supposed to be a summer fling! (And yet – here we are – over 10 years later . . . . so much for planning!)
Can’t wait to hear more of ya’lls story! :-)

Hustead said...

That's too funny. Gareth and I did the same picture to see what our kid would look like but at the excalibur on one of my first trips out to Vegas to visit him. You know what's funny is you guys picked to see what your girl would look like and you have two sweet little girls and we picked a boy for fun, and we have two boys. Our boys are much cuter than the picture predicted, just as yours are cuter than that girlÜ It's fun to read your story... ahhhhh