Thursday, July 10, 2008


Thirteen things I cannot live without:
(not in any specific order...)
1-Tide with Bleach Alternative....expensive, but worth it. Solves my stain problems on a daily basis! Add with that April Fresh Downey and you got some awesome smelling laundry!
2-Bella's hugs....
3-Aube's kisses....
4-James' wit & humor....
5-guacamole and Mission tortilla chips (mmmmm)
6-My Mother's uplifting words.....I love getting unsuspected letters in the mail!
7-The Gospel of Jesus Christ, and with this the scriptures which I believe to be the word of God.
8-My hairdryer and fat curling iron (with short hair, these are a requirement)
9-Daily checking of my blogroll (which means its up to YOU all to keep the posts a-comin')
10-Dr Pepper.... self-explanatory.
11-My TV shows (I'd name them all, but then this post would be outrageously long!)
12-A/C....could it be any hotter??
13-My ever-growing Library

Of course, this is my over-dramatic list...I'm sure I could SURVIVE without SOME of these, if not all....but then what would life be??? What is your Thursday Thirteen?


Jenny said...

OKAY, I would just like to say that I've absolutely seen the light with fat curling irons. You have truly opened my eyes to a whole new world of unfrizzy, perfectly curled hair.

Shannon said...

your list seriously rocks! LOL, lets see...#5-yes, #7-yes yes, #9 YES! (except for somehow missing thursday!), 11-13 yes yes yes! Some things you just CAN'T live without, I agree!