Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The weekend we were gone to Arizona, we get a call from a neighbor telling us some news. Our neighbors right next to us died in a tragic car accident. And I'm not using the word "tragic" lightly...it was seriously horrible to hear how they died.
It's been almost 2 weeks since this happened and I am just now posting about it now b/c I have been searching and searching the internet to find out what really happened to them. The neighbor that called us said a semi crossed the median and ran into them, ejecting them from the car. But if you click on that above link, you can see that wasn't true....though I'm pretty sure the ejecting still occured due to the closed casket funeral and the police report comment of "they were not wearing seatbelts." I also hadn't posted b/c truthfully...I didn't know their names! We have been in this house for over a year now and I had NO idea of their names, I just thought them as "the old, sweet couple".
Turns out they were Elmer and Mary, may they rest in peace.
They left behind a good sized family, with 2 daughters and several grand-children and great grand-children. My heart still aches for them when I see them pull up to the vacant house next to us and hug each other, give each other reassuring pats on the back. To have your loved ones just leave for the weekend and then to be gone forever....what a horrible thing! I think about how far away I live from my parents, my siblings....and the thought of never seeing them again, not being able to give them another hug, breaks my heart! Life can be so short....we never know what is going to happen. We just never know.

Of course, with all this said....I don't dwell for too long on that matter, mainly b/c I'm not going to spend my life behind locked doors b/c the world can be a hateful, ugly place. But also, I know in my heart that if ANY of my family was to leave this earth early, I would see them again. I am so proud of my parents, my sisters, my brother....for living a life where we could all be sealed together, where they can be sealed to their families.....and we can get our "happily ever after" in the life to come.


Ashley said...

How sad. Thankfully they were together.

Krista said...

I was going to say the same thing. At least they were together. It's just hard on the rest of the family and to not be able to 'see' them one last time since it was closed casket. That has to be super hard. Very sad.

Kelli said...

Oh, how sad! And I echo the others, they were together. I'm sorry for their family, and for you, too. It's never easy no matter how well you do or don't know someone.

Janeane Jones Sargent said...

Just one more reason for you guys to move closer to us! :) I love you Sarah, and I'm so proud of what a wonderful person you are and the amazing family that you and James are creating!! :)