Saturday, July 19, 2008

Lessons learned....

.....from my yard sale today:
#1- it's too dang hot in Texas to do a yard sale in the summer. You are soaking wet the entire time, though if there is a breeze while you are sitting in the shade, it's lovely.
#2- when your neighbor offers to set up a canopy for you....take it.
#3- make sure your signs are bigger than 8 1/2 x 11 paper and BRIGHTLY colored. White on black just will not do...and make sure to have more than 3 posted so people know where you are!
#4- having a multi-family garage sale is MUCH MORE FUN. There are other people to talk to!
#5- older women do not like to be called "Grandma" by toddlers....especially when not by their own grandchildren.
#6- don't expect too much other than making enough money to pay for lunch....then you'll be satisfied and not disappointed that you didn't sell enough to buy your kids a swingset :(.

With all those learned, there were some bright sides:
~getting rid of some of my junk...and still having enough to have another sale in the FALL, when its COOLER.
~having a little pint-sized helper, who sad with me in camping chairs and had great chats about princess castles and grandma's.
~I re-scaped the front flower beds partially, and actually got new rock in there with all my extra downtime.
~My farmer's tan is getting prettier and darker by the day!


Shannon said...

Yard sales stink! But hey, we will start saving up crap for a multi family one in the fall! And you are so good at finding that silver lining :)

Jenny said...

Ha ha, my farmer tan is also coming along nicely! Isn't it great to get rid of junk, though? It's a beautiful thing.

Anonymous said...

Once I had one in Columbia...I wish I hadn't used my profit to go buy a 50 cent soda. Ended up that was all I was gonna make:( I was so excited too, since right after high school, Hollie and I had one and I made a hundred bucks!! I gave up on yard sales. I'm such a quitter!

Kelli said...

Ugh, I wouldn't even think of attempting an outside sale between May and October here. But I hope you enjoyed your lunch!

Anonymous said...

where's my cut? That kid bought a video game of mine. good job on the rock, too. Injeanious

Ashley said...

I hate garage sales! They always seem like such a good idea... which quickly fades into what the heck was I thinking. Plus, haggling at garage sales, seriously?