Saturday, March 20, 2010

Just stuff....

If I let her, Bella would have all the walls covered with her artwork...seriously. The girl loves to draw...and she loves tape and fact, I have to keep the post-its out of sight, or they will end up all over the wall, too. And it's a good thing I only buy cheap tape, or I'd be doing paint touch-ups weekly Ü.
Don't get me wrong...I love her drawings. She does such a lovely's really hard sometimes deciding which ones to keep and which to throw away. Except that one... you see it....lower left hand corner. The stick person with the flippy hair and frowny face with the X thru it. Yeah...thats me. There was a sign she made and taped up to her door that looked just like that...I asked her what it was and she said "Mommy can't come in my room" (which really, just fine with me...I don't want to clean it anyways.) Niiiice.
At first her drawing that picture was funny, haha we all know mommy is mean.....but now I'll catch her drawing it when she is mad at me and she gets a little scolding. I get little glimpses here and there that remind me how difficult teenage years with these girls are going to be! (Sorry mom!! lol.)
So, to save my walls a bit...I hung up another ribbon with clips to help her display her works of art. This will make in their (Pepto) bedroom and another in the kitchen. I love her drawings!! And I want them displayed so she knows how proud I am of her for these beautiful expressions of her feelings (most of which portray her marrying her sweet)...just maybe not ALL over my walls Ü.
Another thing I've been obsessed with lately...well, for awhile...are scrabble tiles. Ever since I made the Scrabble wall art for my friend, Ashley's nursery (which I can't find a blog post or a link for, darnit...but believe me, it was cute!) I've been looking for different ways to use Scrabble tiles. I had about 100 left over from a previous project and wanted to put them to cute use.
This "Love You" frame was an idea I found around Valentine's day. I wanted to send one of these to EVERY ONE of our relatives as a gift...but unfortunately, even tho there are 100 Scrabble tiles sitting on my desk...there are only 2 V's and maybe 2 Y's. Bummer.
Another Scrabble project is this magnet board...I am going to post about it better soon (because I'm awfully proud of  it) I found the tutorial on a fantastic blog and I'll have to share what she did one day...mine is just a fraction of what hers is...but I love having it up. I've actually already changed the inside paper...and added more magnetic scrabble tiles. It's fun having it up, and spelling out different words...reminds me of the days when James and I would play Scrabble and watch movies...he beat me 365 games to none. lol.


George and Rebecca Hunt said...

This is so cute Sarah! When George and I first moved here to Tulsa, we had no friends for like 2 months and we would watch movies and play Scrabble EVERY. NIGHT. But good memories. You are so crafty!

Julie said...

I love the Scrabble tiles.