Friday, April 23, 2010

Life with Jax...

*The first night with Jaxson was spent marathon nursing to quiet his cries. I knew we were in trouble when in the hours after his birth, he slept and slept and slept. I had the thought "we're gonna pay for this later" but he just looked so peaceful!

*Because of that marathon, nursing became insanely the point where I was cracked and bleeding and swore like a sailor everytime it was feeding time.

*Jax lost 9% of his birth weight in the days following his birth, so the doctor suggested we supplement with formula. I cried with relief at this suggestion, since supplementing = easing my pain. With the help of the formula, Jax gained his weight back within a week. We still rotate nursing with bottle feeding, even though I'm completely healed up...since something I eat gives Jax crazy-bad gas, poor guy!! Plus, (LLL forgive me) something about bottle feeding gives me this strange refreshing feeling of freedom.

*Such a good-natured's almost like he knew how stressed and crazy his momma can get...and is just acting accordingly.

*I've been lucky enough to have had my momma in town for 2 weeks...and now my mother-in-law for 2 weeks. My wish for an extra set of hands has come true for the month Ü. I don't quite know what we'll do when this little vacation is over...

*I really wish my Jedi mind powers would kick in. It never fails...I sit down to nurse or feed Jax and there is the remote control...all the way across the room. If I stare at it long enough, will it move magically into my hands?? I think not....dangit.

*Ever since Jax was born, Bella has become completely deaf. She gives me this look like "what are you going to do about it?" when asked to do something she doesn't want to do. And the worst part: I really can't do anything about it...I don't run as fast with a baby in my arms!!

*Jax's blessing is this weekend. So my house is full of family and we pick up my Dad from the airport tomorrow! yay!! I just can't forget to make Jax's bowtie....since the blessing outfit I wanted was backordered, we're going with the traditional white button up shirt with a bowtie! I'm hoping it all turns out ok! I love baby blessings...they are short and sweet, but the words said last forever!


Jenny said...

Wow, my nursing situation was so similar to yours I can't believe it. Almost identical. And I still throw in an ounce or two in the bottle as well after nursing. I like the freedom it gives me AND at least I can see that food going in him!

Bell Family Blog said...

Same thing happened with me and nursing, I wish I was good at it, I admire women who can nurse for the first year, but the pain never goes away for me so I never stick to it. I am excited for the blessing tomorrow, I can't wait to see him! Im sure he has changed so much already. When your family all heads home Im hear for ya, I can help out with the girls :)

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad Dad got go to be apart of the Blessing :) Thats awesome. And Jedi powers would help tremendously! :) haha