Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I don't know why, but everytime I see this Croc commercial I just giggle a little. I think it's just too cute.
I'm a proud owner of several pair of Crocs and if I had an extra $50, I would totally go buy a pair of these new Croslites. But all that aside...I totally want one of these little dudes!!


Cheree said...

hey! where'd you put your links? I can't stalk your family anymore!! :(

Simply Sarah *K* said...

LOL Cheree :) I will put them back up on the side, when I quite being lazy ;) hah!

kimberryorama said...

Hi Sarah,
I apologize in advance for commenting on your blog for this reason...a friend sent me a link to a blog that linked up with yours...and I saw my absolute dear friend and buddy, your mother-in-law Lauri! I had lost her contact info with her last move and haven't had any way to get in touch with her. Can you tell her I would love to talk with her? My email is and phone is 970-797-0507. My name is Kim Berry. Hey thanks a bunch...your blog and your family are so adorable!

Simply Sarah *K* said...

I sure will Kim!! :) I'll send her the info now!