Sunday, May 2, 2010

Jaxson's Blessing

Last Sunday was Jaxson's baby the LDS church, it's where a member of the priesthood gives the baby a name and a blessing. I'm so thankful that James was able to bless Jax...and he did a wonderful job.
I'm also very thankful that we had family in town to help bless the baby. My dad flew in for the weekend from So. Utah, James' sister Lisa and her family with James' brother Bryan drove all the way from Arizona, and James' parents flew in from Minnesota. It was wonderful to have such strong priesthood holders hold our new baby and give him a blessing...and the spirit is always so strong when blessing a baby so fresh from Heaven.

This was part of the blessing circle (we also included members of the bishopric). James made sure to give them all the "pep talk" before the blessing. In other words the "don't bounce the baby" talk. For some reason, when you're in a blessing circle (this is what he says anyways, since I've never been in a blessing circle) and the baby starts to fuss a little, one person may bounce the baby a bit...but by the end of the blessing the baby is bouncing out of control, almost being tossed in the air. Ü So, thus the "don't bounce the baby" talk!
I slacked off a bit and neglected getting a picture of Jax in his blessing outfit. Which stinks, especially after the stress I went thru to pick something out! I had originally ordered a little outfit from Deseret book, this cute white tie onesie. But turned out, it was backordered and they wouldn't be shipping it till May 8th. Totally stunk. So...I racked my brain, and with some helpful suggestion, I found a tutorial and made him a bow tie. Combined with a white button up shirt and baby blue shorts (couldn't find white pants anywhere!), he looked too cute!
The blanket was made by Jax's great-grandma Carols Ü. She did a wonderful job and it's a beautiful keepsake for him!
The whole theme for that Sunday was centered around the Priesthood. James was able to get up with all the men and sing, which I LOVED...I love to show James' singing off to family Ü.
Such a beautiful day!!


Lois Brown said...

wonderful pictures. Looks like it was really a special day!

Jennifer said...

It does look like a special day! Wish we could have been there! :) And what a beautiful day it looks like!! :) And a beautiful family..