Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Life....as we know it.

Some days are like this:
Other days we have alot some of this:
(he's falling asleep/dozing in the "defensive" position, as we like to call it)
But mostly....it's like this:
Sometimes I look at him and ask "WHY are you so ticked off?"

Yesterday was one of those days. Started off with the night before last...he woke up every 2 hours, then decided to not take a nap the ENTIRE DAY. Which means....mommy woke up every 2 hours....and had no "break" the ENTIRE DAY. With three kids, its definitely hard to get any type of "me" time (sitting and eating a popsicle time, letting my brain decompress)....and I realize that I'm not entitled to it on a daily basis....accepted. Moved on. BUT after basically pulling an all-nighter (because getting 2 hour increments of sleep at a time just doesn't qualify as actual sleep) Mommy needs a bit of time to herself. And when I don't get it, watch out. Even a trip to Sonic didn't calm my temperment.

I am very grateful for my two little helpers, tho....they saved me a minute or two to be able to do some semblance of housework.
Bella consistently tells me what she is going to do when she gets "Taller and Older". A lot of times it's changing the baby's diaper when she gets 'taller and older'. Today, as we pulled out of the Walgreens pharmacy drive thru, she said she would go get Mommy's medicine herself when get gets 'taller and older'. I couldn't help but laugh. Hopefully when 'taller and older' rolls around, she will still feel this way!
Thank goodness, Daddy gets home by 6 and gives me those extra set of hands I've been needing all day. And of course, Jax settled down for Daddy, like magic, and we were able to watch the Lakers demolish the Suns in peace! Then baby and mommy slept from 10-11ish to 5am, making mommy VERY happy.

Babies just can't be trusted....they are about as predictable as the weather. Ü Not to mention, those squinty eyes.


Julie said...

Nope, baby's can't be trusted!

Julie said...

Ellie was like that. Finally now she is 6 months she is mellowing out... she would just wail for no reason, only sleep when held. I hope it doesn't take him 5 more months to mellow out for you, it's rough. Even though before she was born we decided she was our last... after she was born just cemented that statement even more! But the crazy thing about being a Mom we love them anyway and wouldn't trade them for anything!

Jennifer said...

Oh my! What a day.. It made me giggle a little. Sorry :) I'm glad he slept so long last night! That's awesome. And even when he's crying - he's still so adorable!! :)

Shannon said...

Shut the front door! He is so cute, even when screaming his little brains out! But, ick on the crappy day! Glad he let you get a good nights rest last night! Lets pray for good sleep tonight!!

Bell Family Blog said...

You're such an amazing mom! I hope you get a break!! He sure is a cutie! :)

Krista said...

I can so relate. Last night was my night! Aiden had gas so bad that everytime I laid him down, he would grunt and fuss until he full on started to cry again! Ugh! It WILL get better. In the meantime, he looks so dang adorable crying!!

Jenny said...

Okay, your last line just about made me pee in my pants!! So true!!! And I'm convinced that they can smell milk everytime mommy's around, and that's why they immediately quiet down when daddy comes around---no milk. If Jake isn't eating or sleeping nowadays, he's bawling his head off. That's why I turn into the banshee of the universe if the boys try and wake him up if he's asleep. I put the fear of God in 'em. Keep yer chin up, sweets! Good thing he's so dang cute.

Jenni said...

Mine is still willing and even suggests sometimes running errands for mom. It's very nice.