Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mommy's little helpers.

A friend and I were discussing recently how nice it is to have helpers. Which is why after getting past the hard part of having 3 kids, you could go all out like the Duggars and just keep having them...as long as you have helpers! (TLC's 18 kids & 19 kids and counting is one of my fave shows these days)
I just hope I can teach my children to love to help. There is quite a difference. Most kids would rather be off doing what they want to do...and will help if prodded or bribed, which is just how kids are. But I really want my kids to WANT to help...to not have to be asked, they just do it. It's probably a long shot...but I can hope! Until then, bribery does work wonders! Ü
Like...feed your baby brother so mommy can "do the dishes" (code for check her Facebook) and then you can watch Star Wars.
They just love the little squirt...even tho they do look forward to the days when he can actually play with them....and quit all the darn crying. Ü
I hope everyone out there enjoyed their Mother's Day. James got me the best card. On the outside it says: "The Smart Mom knows her way around the kitchen." The inside says: "Around the kitchen, out the door, and into a good restaurant." Hilarious. James has this thing for picking out cards that hit the nail on the head! Ü


Jennifer said...

Well isn't that an awesome sight? :) I hope Cayden will help - doubting it.. but there's always hope ;) But your girls are such good helpers :) And so cute while doing it.. hehe..

craftyashley said...

No way! The girls totally would not have the patience to feed the baby. Lucky momma!

Krista said...

That is so sweet that they feed him!! Makenna would love to feed Aiden too. She sometimes tries to hold my boob when I'm nursing so she can act like she is feeding him.

Lois Brown said...

So awesome! See what a great Mom you are! love that they want to help! Be sure to never discourage that even when it would be easier to do it yourself! I learned the hard way!

Cheree said...

Too cute. Can't wait to see you guys!!

Jenni said...

Derek is really good at getting the perfect card too, whether funny or mushy. And we both know they probably grab the first one they see and we never know the difference.