Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sneak peek.

The girls recital rehearsal went SO WELL tonite, I was amazed. I love situations like this where they prove me wrong...that's what I get for being a pessimist! Some of the other mom's and I were laughing about how this dance thing is FINALLY paying off. wonder my parents never put any of their FIVE girls in dance, it's outrageous.
Bella's dance class.
I took a whole series of pictures like this. I love how it shows Ms Stephanie off to the side, showing the girls what to do. The girls just love Ms Stephanie!
Bella and her little group got a kick out of watching the "big girls" doing their dances. Bella would run up to me all excited saying that when she got "older and taller" she'd dance like that too!
The boys got to come and watch too :). James got a great video of Bella's practice ballet song. Of course, the little dude got a little cranky after hopefully we'll get video of all FIVE dances tonite!
They got all their pictures done, too. It's not easy to get a bunch of toddlers to keep a pose! And it's not easy to keep Aube's hands off her hair!!
The older girls, on the other hand, LOOOOOVE to do a little posing! In their booty shorts, too...I think they enjoyed saying "booty" more than actually wearing the shorts! Bootybootybootybooty....silly girls
My girls.
Totally worth it.
Hope they are still as excited to dance the real thing!


Shannon said...

I wish so badly that we could come! I bet they will do amazing! And they look stinkin adorable!

Jennifer said...

OH my cuteness. so cute it makes me giggle! ;) I love it! I wish we were closer so we could come and enjoy in person!! But pictures are good! Such gorgeous girls! :)

Bell Family Blog said...

Love their costumes! They look like they're having a blast. I am so excited to see their dances tonight and I can totally help out with lil Jaxson so James can record. :)

Bell Family Blog said...

Oh by the way I bet you're loving your camera, it takes awesome pictures!!

Lois Brown said...

How wonderful!!! I remember those days!!! great photos and memories!