Tuesday, May 4, 2010

What's up, Chuck?

*I spent an hour too long on the phone with AT&T this morning....why does that happen? And even after ALL THAT, I still only got half the results I wanted. They never seem to find anything wrong with our phone line...when there is obviously something wrong! About a year ago, they fixed the problem for awhile by going in the backyard and plugging the line back into the pole...and no one seems to believe me when I say that's probably what needs to happen again! It's not a coincidence that our internet/phone troubles started back up after that huge ice storm when branches where falling down everywhere. But what do I know, right?

*I'm currently filling out my application to become a Girl Scout troop leader. Following in the footsteps of my Grandma Sargent. Bella's elementary school doesn't currently have a troop, so I've volunteered to resolve that problem. I'm a little excited...and a little scared...and don't be mad when we come knocking on your door asking you to buy cookies. Do Girl Scouts wear uniforms anymore?? Cause Bella will look awfully cute in a uniform Ü!

*Bella is about to lose her front bottom tooth. I keep feeding her lots of corn on the cob...but I guess that's really NOT a good idea, since we want to keep the tooth, not have her swallow it. I've been searching for Tooth Fairy Pillow ideas...and came across this one by mmmcrafts, that I LOOOOOVE.
There is a little boy she has speech therapy with who has lost a couple of teeth, and we were talking about the tooth fairy, the speech therapist asks the little boy (who is from a low income family, I believe) "did the tooth fairy come visit you" and he looked sad, saying no. Now...would it be too presumptuous of me to make a tooth fairy pillow for this little boy (or something along those lines) for Bella to give to him, with maybe a quarter in it or something? This little boy is one of Bella's "friends" that she prays for every night....really, they only spend 1/2 an hour twice a week together, but I guess you gotta take friends where you can get them, right?

*A year ago, I threw a baby shower for a dear friend, Ashley....I was so proud of the decorations and all over theme for this shower, I submitted my idea to TipJunkie (my ALL TIME FAVORITE place to find crafty-ness). I never heard back as to whether or not she posted my idea...until yesterday! Yay! I guess you could say, I'm finally 'published'. lol. My Wild Child baby shower theme, #8. Just one small step in the direction of GREATNESS....mwhashahahahsha. Kidding. Totally.

*Little dude turns 1 month old on Thursday. I ALMOST posted a picture of him but I'm determined to make this a non-picture post. I just can't stand how chubby his little cheekies are getting. It's totally amazing that I can still be so in love with him after he keeps me up dutifully every 2 hours at night. But, that's motherhood for ya.

*Saturday we took Bluebonnet pictures with our friends, the Bells. I can't wait to post THOSE pictures, but again...non-picture post! I. CAN. DO. IT. I only say this because as of late, I don't really 'blog' ...I just post pictures...which is very slacker-ish of me! For shame!
We are so blessed to have great friends (who let us use them for their totally rad camera skillz) (kidding. about the using, not the skillz) here in our home away from home that is becoming more and more like home. Thanks Katie! You will be SO missed! Sob.

*We are on our 2nd day of On-Our-Own-ness. We were lucky enough to have a month of family in town, my mom for 10 glorious days, James' mom for 2 weeks, and a family-filled blessing weekend. But, it couldn't last forever...but we had a blast. So much of a blast, that my girls are suffering from Post-Fun-Disorder....this disorder makes them ask mommy every 15 minutes "where are we going" or "what are we going to do today" or "can we go to King Burger" and then have fits of sadness and crying when answered with a resounding "NO".
Have you heard that if you do something for 30 days, it becomes a habit. I read this somewhere, and remember doing a sharing time on it, actually: Read your scriptures for 30 days at it will become a habit. Anyways~~ we had 30 days of fun and now the girls EXPECT it...yikes. My cousin, Ashley, blogged about her Summer Stay-In and I'm very grateful to her for some snazzy ideas to keep the mongrels girlies entertained this summer.

That's it, Chuck. Who is Chuck anyways? And where did that saying come from? Or am I the only one who has heard that saying? I tend to make things up that way...you really can make any new word just by putting "-iness" on the end. Ü


Bell Family Blog said...

Girl Scout Troop Leader! That's awesome! So can Emma join and be a girl scout with Bella? When does it all start? I actually looked into that a couple of months ago, but wasn't able to find any local girl scout troops for Emma to join.
Emma will be so jealous about Bella's tooth! She is convinced she has a loose tooth, but the Dentist said not for another year. Poor girl!
Taking those pictures was so fun! Your family is so cute! I will get you that CD at the Primary Activity Friday night if I don't see ya before. :)

Simply Sarah *K* said...

The lady I talked to said it wouldn't start up until school starts next year. But if ya'll are still around Ü we'll get Emma in there for just as long as you are here! :) Maybe I can see if she will let me start something up this summer. So fun, though, right?!

Krista said...

When did Bella get old enough to be losing a tooth??? Crazy! And you should totally do that for that little boy. That would be so nice. And congrats on being published!! You always do such a great job!!

Lois Brown said...

I think making a tooth pillow for her friend is a great idea, very thoughtgul and sounds like something you would do! I love the one you are making for Bella! And I went and checked out your shower on that one gals website! Very cool! Girl Scout leader and primary presidency (or are you president?) are you crazy! But you go girl - make us proud!