Tuesday, May 25, 2010

You just never know...

We go for walks.  Every night. Well....every night that we possibly can. We take our popsicles and walk.

I don't know why, we aren't the health-nut type...obviously - thus the popsicles. And half the time we are yelling at the girls to quit walking all the way up in people's yards or wiping away tears after another one bites the dust.

Maybe it's because I haven't been working at night for 2 (glooooorious) months now, so we are maximizing our family time. Or maybe we are a little conscious of our current weight debacle...I'm currently pre-baby weight, but that's not saying much, since I only gained 25 lbs and I was ginormous to begin with. Either way...we walk around the block.

Jaxson loves to be outside. I mean loves. And get's ticked if we stop to chat with a neighbor (which is a life-saver at times). He just stares at the sky/trees/clouds...whatever it is he can see up there.

The weather has been beautiful, too....but I know our nights are numbered...you can feel the humidity spiking and the bugs are multiplying like the Duggars. (Ü) Soon, we will switch from walking to nightly swims...if our pool will quit looking like something out of a scary movie...eek. But I love that we do stuff TOGETHER at night. Especially when all you want to do is sit on the couch and go comatose, eating ice cream and watching re-runs of Bones.

Last night, as we were making our way back home from a walk, this lady stops her car, rolls down her window and says to us, in her big Texas accent: "You are an inspiration. My friend and I were just talking about families and here ya'll come all cute and walking together. You just don't see that anymore, God bless you."  I just smiled at her and said, yup...trying to start these good traditions young. And, of course, the thought of sharing the Gospel ran thru my head..."we're an eternal family....would you like to learn how?" haha. Just one of those things, I guess.

An inspiration, huh? And here I am, barely keeping it together on the good days....
People are always watching, aren't they?


Jenni said...

Think of how much farther along we are on the bad days because of the "Gospel glue" that keeps us together.