Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebrating the 4th with our {first} parade!

Can you believe that? Saturday was the first parade we've been to (not counting the Disneyland parades when Bella was like 14 months old) and it ALMOST didn't happen. Jax woke us up at 5:30 and it was raining quite nicely, so we shrugged it off and slipped back into sweet, sweet, sleep! But then at 7:30 when the girls woke up, I got a text saying our friends were going to brave it...the skies were threatening, but it wasn't raining! So...we dashed about (best way to describe it), and headed over to the parade route...stopping by at Shipleys for donuts on the way (holy canoli, those donuts are good!). I'm so glad we made it...I love parades, they remind me of my childhood...and being the 4th of July, it gives us a sense of community and patriotism.
Yes! I made their shirts Ü. Of COURSE...I couldn't let my chillen's go without a Mommy-made shirt! For Jax, I used a freezer paper stencil for his Captain America onesie! I just love me some red, white and blue!
For the girls, I wanted to make these Ruffle Flag shirts...but turns out, ribbon is a pain in the bootie to 'ruffle'. Sooo...I came up with my own version....which I actually like a bit better! I'll post again about that later!
We were able to sit by our friends, the Bowers....who also happen to have a crafty Mama :)....with their cuuuuute freezer paper stencil star shirts! Love it!
The skies were nice and ominous the entire parade, but we didn't feel more than a sprinkle here and there. And there was even a breeze every once in awhile!
So many high school bands! Good memories....of course, they have it easy these days, young whippersnappers...I remember having to wear full uniform and hat with a plume! But I love watching the bands march by...the sound of the drum cadence gives me chills!

This float was made with all recycled materials...pretty cool, makes me want to join the conservation society!
And this is the backend of the Metroplex Athiests....which really offended me for some reason! I guess the whole "one nation under GOD" thing. But as I was thinking about why I felt that way yesterday during church...I realized that's what this nation is about...being able to worship (or not worship) as you please. No matter how wrong it may be. The whole reason they can NOT believe in God, is the same reason I CAN believe in God....and be baptized, and be sealed together to my family for time and all eternity! It just made me even more grateful to have been born in this Land of the Free.
He was cycling...then he fell...hehe.
And if hula-hoopers can walk in the parade...then we should have been able to have a Twilight float! Ü Complete with life-size posters of Edward and Jacob...and the movie playing on a flatscreen! WE would have thrown out candy!! That's probably the biggest candy! The girls didn't know the difference, thank goodness.
I took this picture to save the number for James ;). haha
My sweet little boy slept thru the all the excitement.


Jennifer said...

What a peaceful little boy! So cute! I love the crafty shirts sarah! So awesome! :) Parades are awesome and I miss those types of things from sikeston.. :) Love ya!

Bell Family Blog said...

Love the shirts Sarah! Cute as always :) Im glad u guys made it, we would have been kickin our butts all day if we hadn't decided to try and get there.

Krista said...

Awesome pics!! I haven't been to a parade in forever!! Looks so fun. Love the shirts and Jax looks like Aiden did for the 4th:)

Lois Brown said...

love the shirts and the pictures. I really love that you are always out and about doing things with your don't let having little children stop you!! What great memories you are giving them!

Jenni said...

I was going to go with Ash to meet her grandma, but the egg donor was supposed to (and of course didn't) show. Derek worked the traffic masses and said that people were pretty good about being diverted and no tried to hit him. That's good.
I love the outfits, sooo cute.

Julie said...

Love Love Love the 4th shirts...ESPECIALLY Captain America's Shield very cool!

Julie {Coco1981} said...

I missed the parade this year for the first time in years. I'm glad you have fun, we always love it.

And such cute shirts! I have a pile of onesies I want to do stuff with for Jamie. The twins think they're too old for me to decorate their clothes.