Monday, July 19, 2010

Go Lakers!

We wanted to put Bella and Aube in the city pre-K basketball league this summer....well, when we went to sign them up, the lady dealing with the leagues asked if we wanted to be coaches. Ummm, sure...especially since coaches kids get the sign-up fee waived...which is like THEM giving US $100 to coach, so.....heck yeah.

We really have no clue what we are doing....but wouldn't you give it a chance for $100?? I mean, we both play basketball...we know the game...but we're finding the biggest challenge is keeping them and their high-octane energy busy for an hour during practice. AND...keeping the girls from crying during the games. Ü
Our first game was last was an....experience.
Actually, it was a blast of an was hilariously cute.
Turns out...we have the only girls in the league...3 of them. Bella, Aube and this cute little girl who everytime you look at her has tears in her eyes and sometimes streaming down her face. I had to bribe her with bench time, just so she would get out on the court. "Sweetie, run up the court 2 more times and then you can sit down."

We also have the smallest kids in the league, it seems. The babies. But that's ok, because when they make a basket (even with help from the coach, lifting them up) the crowd goes wild!! Both sides!! There is nothing cuter, or more hilarious, than an itty-bitty tot, running down the court, and making a basket.
I wear the "head coach" crown for this team of ours....the Lakers (yes...we picked that name..OVER the're welcome). James is our "assistant coach" and now my verbal bodyguard. The parents that have 'complaints' or comments...they go to him. That's probably the worst part about coaching a team...the parents...and their opinions.
I'm a touchy person....a sensitive chick. I take things to heart...and because I really do try my best in all that I do (thank you Girl Scouts)...I get a tad bit 'offended' (yes 'offended'...double quotations there, because I'm really not, but I am) when people question me and my so-called methods. I really have no clue how to coach...yet (I'm learning more and more ....esp since the team that shares the court with us at practice has a killer-coach, who does drills and all sorts of cool we just copy them, mwhaha).

So, I've got to learn how to take comments such as: "You shouldn't have so many parents helping on the court" as constructive criticism, right? But really, parent??? I should turn away help keeping 9, 3-5 year olds occupied? Yeah...ok. I totally understand their point of view, they're afraid the kids will get confused on who to listen to and learn from. But to me, the dad's that are out helping and keeping the peace, do know what they are talking about and I'll take the help where I can get it. Now...we are going to take their advice and change things up at the games...last week we had like James and 2 other dads on the court...don't know why, esp when there's only supposed to be 2 of us our there, max? Just happened that way...but thank goodness James takes care of the telling-of-people-what-to-do-and-such, he can tell them what's up.
I was so very pleased with the jersey the rec center provided! The girls looked so stinkin' cute. And Aunt Lisa was here last week, so she put purple in their hair to show some team spirit!
All-in-all...this is turning out to be such a fun experience. I truly believe that being involved with your child and their extracurricular activities, makes things that more enjoyable than just sitting back and watching. I now see why my dad was at every game and every practice...coaching when I was younger and just being there all thru out my high school career. A great example to live up to with my girls!


MommaLove said...

They look so stinkin' cute out there!! I sure wish I could watch in person. Go Lakers!! (Love the purple hair) We have a couple of purple haired kids at our house too!! Love you guys!! Grammy

Jennifer said...

That is awesome! I loved playing sports growing up and having Dad as our coach! ;) Fun stuff..

Lois Brown said...

Good for you guys! Goooo Lakers! They'll always remember the time their parents were their coaches!

Jenni said...

How fun. I'm glad that you have this experience. I came late to the party but even when it's hot, I love supporting Ash at her soccer games.