Monday, August 9, 2010


I've meant to post this for awhile now...I uploaded the pictures on the 22nd of last month. For some reason, I've been really busy lately...and of course, when I think of WHY I've been busy, I can't think of specifics. Ü That's how I roll. I guess I did throw a smashing good going away party this past weekend for the Bells. I'm going to post about that soon...but I'm still a little weepy because they are leaving. *sniff*
I took these pictures back when it was still cool enough to spend any kind of time outside. Now, an outdoors activity is mainly rushing to and from the car...or scurrying out to the pool, where it's more like a sauna than a pool! Oh well, only a month and a half left of it...then we'll get to the awesome weather, where we actually like to live in Texas!
I love, love, love this picture of Bella. I think I posted it on facebook, which is why it probably looks familiar. But I'm not going to let facebook overtake my blog...I think sometimes that happens....since everyone who reads my blog, also see's my updates on facebook, it would be easy just to leave it at that...but what fun is that!? Facebook makes us lazy, I guess that's why I love it so Ü.
So, last month, I went thru all the girls toys and weeded out the older, not played with toys. We sold them and made about $150 (yeehaw)....which we then turned around and bought the girls new toys....and dinner, we figured they owed us that much Ü.

One of the things we bought them (I mean, they picked out) was scooters. We really wanted to get them bikes....but with a vicious summer coming up, we knew they could roll their scooters around in the house, so it worked out.
They really have a lot of fun with them....esp when mom's not hushing them up "Don't wake the baby".


Bell Family Blog said...

Super cute pics Sarah! I love the one of Jaxson at the top :) I have never seen someone as busy busy as you, you are always doing things for other people. I've gotta get me some scooters, the girls have been begging for them.

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