Friday, August 13, 2010


I love to make stuff....have you noticed that before? Ü
I just do...and if I see something I like, I can usually figure out how to reproduce it...
but more often than not, I see an idea I love...bookmark it, then after it rolls around in my mind for a bit, it then tries to assault me until I get it done!
Sometimes one little idea transforms itself into several different ideas.
I wanted to do something with little butterflies on canvas...I thought it might fill a great blank space in my bathroom. But then, it kind of morphed from that into filling space on these ginormous letters I bought to go over the girls' beds.
(My friend, Shannon, did an awesome job covering a ginormous B with scrapbook paper)

I bought these letters a long time ago....painted one...then moved onto another project, as I am prone to do. Which is the reason I always have something to takes a lot to start a project, then not finish it, then go back to it a few weeks later after starting 2 other projects in the meantime.
But when I got assaulted by the butterfly seemed that cutting out 100 itty-bitty butterfly's and gluing them onto the ginormous letters was the thing to do! All that cutting....made me want a Cricut uber-bad!
The girls seem to like them...just as much as they like anything I "craft" for them, I guess (I'm resigned to realize they won't appreciate me till they leave for college, just like I never appreciated my mom's creative genius till she was 1000 miles away!)
I'm just glad I haven't found little ripped up butterflies under their pillows!


Cheree said...

you CUT all of those?! Wow!!
They look great!!

Shannon said...

yep, these are AMAZING! Love love love it, and I want to make Natalie one! But yeah..we need to find someone with a cricut, LOL! You amaze me Miss Sarah!

Jennifer said...

how adorable! You amaze me too sis! (LOVE MY BAG BTW!!!!!!) hehe.. you are truly awesome! I wanna grow up to be just like you :)