Saturday, October 16, 2010


I like that word....Savvy. If you are looking at it with tired eyes {like I am} it kinda looks like Sawy. Well, kinda. But I like the way it know when Cap'n Jack Sparrow says it "Savvy?" as a question. Love. It. Loveit. That's one of the words I was trying to pair up to make a shop name for Etsy. Savvy Threads sounds way cool. I still love Once Upon a Stitch, but it was already taken {I had a whole story: Once Upon a Stitch, i na land not so far away, lived a gal who loved to make things. Whether it be with glue or tape or a handstitch here and there, it was all made with love. Her world was filled with crafting. For the wee ones, for the King and Queen, for the castle, for the blah blah, blah blah blah, blahblahblahblah....} but who are we if. I'm all talk, obviously.

We just spent the first part of the weekend at the Great Wolf Lodge {and now I can't get their song out of my head, urgh} and it was a blast...errr....well, the girls had fun. I had fun, too. Really, I did...I loooove being in a hotel...but I forgot that I don't love to be in hotels with babies. We've spent PLENTY of time in hotels...with the girls at all ages. But hotels and babies don't mix. I must say, Jax did superb last night...drank his bottle, fell asleep, and even slept thru the random slamming of doors that was going on in our hallway. I think me, as mommy, was so uptight and worried about everyone sleeping ok, that I made it a rough night for myself. I told James all I wanted for my birthday was a hotel I could go and sleep and read and veg and SLEEP. Wouldn't that be bliss?? He said "ok, you can sleep the whole day on your birthday, and we'll be at Disneyland." punk. lol.

If you haven't guessed...this is one of those "has-no-point" readers beware.

I found this little guy at the Texas State Fair {pictures to come} buy one get one FREE at the Crocs booth. I was going to buy some (more) Crocs...but I resisted and bought two of these little buddies...I couldn't believe I found them! I LOOOOVE the Croc commercials. Especially the Feel the Love ones! I want those little guys to rub my feet!! Goodness knows I need it!  So, now here he sits {his buddy is in my diaper bag...I use it to distract Jax, cracks me up!} with his hands outstretched, watching me while I work!

Speaking of work...they are totally keeping us. Yup, that's right...they are putting layoffs on hold {dangit}. Ack. I cannot tell you how much I was looking foward to being let go...Oh man. Everytime I think about it, I just sigh and shake my head. Don't get me wrong, I feel uber-lucky to have this job. UBER! But all I want to do it NOT have all the time to just do whatever I want...even at 3 days a week, for 5 somehow makes me feel so worn out! Am I a wimp or what?! Oh well...layoffs are on hold...but we just merged with another they are waiting for that to play out before they let more people go. As always, things are ok for now...but yet, up in the air at the same time.

Speaking of needing a foot rub...I might actually call the podiatrist this week, are you shocked?? It's bad people, real bad...walking around the campground last week (with my good walking shoes AND inserts) was a trip short of torture. Then, this week...walking around the Fair...same deal. Ouchie. Am I really putting off getting help for this?! Putting off going to a dr that could end the pain, or at least help me cope?! What the heck, yo. So...goal for this week: Call the podiatrist. Do it.

I just finished The Girl Who Chased The Moon by Sarah Addison Allen...the gal writes some great books! If you haven't stepped into her world before {Garden Spells or The Sugar Queen} I suggest you do...its magical. I hope she writes another soon!

What else? What else??

That's all I gots.


Bell Family Blog said...

Im sorry about your job, I hope you get let go soon...haha that sounds so weird :) Im excited to read The Girl Who Chased the Moon, it's on my list. Im reading Linger right now, it's pretty good. Well miss ya girl, hope all goes well with your feet, that's no fun! If we were there I would have Aaron help ya out. Hugs

Cheree said...

You have been busy!!!
Funny, I totally know what you mean about the up-in-the-air work situation. However, I'd like NOT to be laid off. :)

What part of your foot hurts? Your heels? I have "stone bruises" and when they flair up - ouchie! Yes, go to the doc.

Janeane said...

Your blogs are SIMPLY SAVVY!! I can sympathize with your foot pain... I've had it alot lately too, but I'm over 50!! Let me know what your doctor says! Love you soooo much!!