Monday, November 15, 2010

Halloween 2010

I know, I know...

Halloween came and went SO fast.
We didn't go trick or treating this year, since it fell on Sunday, but we were able to attend our ward's Trunk or Treat, so the girls were still able to have some fun. It was actually a TrunkorTreat wrapped into a Fall Festival...complete with bounce houses, bobbing for apples/donuts and a hayride around the parking lot.

Cap'n Jax and his pirate treasure is what we went as!
I was lame and forgot to take picture...I was awfully proud of my costume this year Ü I have a skull and crossbones on the back, as a pirate flag....and Jax and I have matching tatoos. My earrings were even pieces of treasure!
 We had no theme this year...but the girls were cute no-less...Aube isn't all into getting dressed up or having anything done to her in the I wanted her to be a Hula she could shake her booty. Thanks to Grammy and Papa, who sent her a grass skirt and coconuts for her birthday!
Bella was Rapunzel. I found a tutorial to make her a ginormous wig of long hair out of yarn....but um, yeah, that didnt work out too well, couldn't get the durn thing to stay on her head! So I cut it all off and tied the long braid into Bella's hair. Not as impressive, but whatever...(Im not winning any awards for having my crap together this year, I didnt even decorate for Halloween, and Thanksgiving is looking the same!)
Oh and James was a pumpkin....he was wearing an orange shirt, so I cut eyes and a mouth out of black construction paper and he safety pinned them to his shirt. Ha!

We didnt go actual trick or treating b/c it was on a Sunday this year and I had to work....but the girls had fun giving out candy, which I dont think we have ever done. We dont get alot of traffic in our neighborhood...and then by 9 we were getting a few older off went the lights.
Now we just have to brainstorm for next year...I'd like to do a theme!!


Lois Brown said...

great costumes even for someone who says they don't have it together......looks pretty together to me!!!!

Julie {isCocoandCocoa} said...

Look how cute you and Jax are!
And I'm SO glad I'm not the only mean Mom who didn't take her kids out Trick or Treating since it was on a Sunday!!