Monday, November 22, 2010

It's fall y'all....

And fall in Texas means....its still shorts weather. Kinda....Mother Nature likes to keep us will be nice and breezy one day....then cold the next morning, then it will work itself up into the upper 70s or low 80s. Like today. Or it will be decent weather and it was Sunday. Yuck.
No complaints here....since we don't have a heater at the moment, the coldness can stay away...of course, it won't...its supposed to get cold on Thanksgiving. But oh well, it was bound to happen.
So, we are taking advantage of the next few days, with Bella out of school, have some fun out of doors.

Today we planted some flower bulbs (haha...on the packet it said "plant before the frost" well, I'm thinking the frost is going to happen in like 2 days....soooo, that's what you call: Waiting till the last minute)  and raked some leaves.
Jax even joined us...
 Playing in the's one of those things that are on my "I can't believe I used to do that" list...along with climbing trees and hiding behind Grandma Sargent's dryer during hide-and-go-seek. Cause I've SEEN whats crawling around in those leaves, it gives me the heebeegeebee's just thinkin' about it! Spiders, crickets, bugs, bugs, bugs....ick.
 But of course, I still let my kids do it....and then they can watch THEIR kids jump in a big pile of leaves and one day think "I can't believe my mom let me do that!" It's a cycle...

 I really doubt any of these leaves will make it into bags! It's too much fun to watch them play!
So...happy Fall...happy Thankful week :).
I'm thankful for leaves....they hold memories of the past and cultivate memories in the present.


Danielle said...

that is so cute! i don't even go outside when mike is raking the leaves. but of course i am still getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. IN NOVEMBER. so yeah. i stay inside. ;)

it was fun to see you today, i hope we can get together again soon!

Jennifer said...

Love the memories being developed :) And we so have that same walker! haha.. nice great minds think alike I guess :)

Simply Sarah *K* said...

Inside is best if I can help it! Thx for letting me hang out with you ladies...ya'll are so fun!

And Jen...great minds runs in the family...haha...or the fact that it was the cheapest/nicest walker to be found at Target!

Golden Thoughts said...

hi. you have such a wonderful story to share. keep posting. :)
i followed you.