Saturday, November 27, 2010

The something you need is Nanny McPhee....

Our Thanksgiving started out....crazy, crazy.
We're all just hanging out in our pj's eating a light breakfast in preparation for our awesome turkey-day lunner at Texas de Brazil.
And then...BAM.
Aube somehow misses her footing whilst stepping up onto the fireplace ledge (which we have repeatedly told her NOT to do, ahem) and lands face first on a large toy of Jaxson's.
She starts crying uncontrollably....and I figure her for just being dramatic, since she plays that card A. LOT. But the crying continues and upon closer inspection by daddy...Aube seems to have a large amount of bleeding and toothless-ness coming from her mouth!

Poor girl must have landed straight on her teeth....shoving one tooth up INTO her gumline (a tooth intrusion). I frantically start getting ready...just KNOWING we are going to spend the day in the ER (there ges my Thanksgiving meal I was SO looking forward to!!!) . But after a call to her pediatric dentist, we learn that there is nothing to be done but wait. The intrusioned tooth should spontaneously errupt over a 2-3 month period. Yikes.
Do nothing? Really, lady??

So a second call was placed to our dentist, who also calmed our fears by telling us the same thing as the pediatric dentist (hmmm...oh really, she knew what she was talking about??)

Aube was in an extreme amount of agony or so it seemed by the way she was wailing and I'm sure she would have been gnashing her teeth if they hadn't of been all jacked up. So, we laid in bed with a cold compress in her mouth and I said a really quick Mother's prayer (you mothers know what I'm talking about...its the prayer you lift up to Heaven with every fiber of your being).....and within 2 minutes (seriously) her wailing stopped and she was my giggly Aube again. And then after the motrin kicked in, she had her sparkle back.
One of our friends came over to assist James in giving Aube a blessing, too, and I have perfect faith that this had made such a difference on how she is dealing with this: looks like she is missing a tooth....but it's SHOVED UP into gumline. Heebeegeebee. Gives me the shivers when I look at her! Ack.
3 hours after this happened, we kept our reservation at Texas de Brazil and had a lovely Thanksgiving meal....and Aube ate us under the table. She usually does when we go there....but I expected her to complain the whole time. But nope...all she ever asked for was "more meat".

We now call her Nanny McPhee.


craftyashley said...

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Our ped. dentist just pulled Addie's. Although that was no fun either. :) Poor Aube!

Krista said...

Ahhhh!!! Poor baby!! I'm so glad the blessing and prayer from Mommy worked!! That's awesome that it isn't bugging her!!

Jenni said...

Ouchie! At least this was a baby tooth that will be coming out eventually anyway.

Jenny said...

EXACT same thing happened to David last year at the zoo. But he's fine now--but scary, scary day!

Danielle said...

oh my goodness! that is so awful, and i cannot believe that they can't do anything for that. blech.

what a tough chick!!