Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Disneyland: Day Numero Dos {Also, to be known as the 30th Birthday-day}

When I was getting ready on Friday morning, the 17th...I found a gray hair. My FIRST gray hair, that is...on my 30th birthday.
I was actually ok with it...yes, I really was...because I had high hopes for that day! We were at DISNEYLAND...on my birthday...nothing to do but have fun. Ride fun rides, eat fun food...what could be better than that?!
I wanted to try beignets {ever since I saw Princess and the Frog, I wanted to try them}, eat soup out of a bread bowl and listen to Tiahna sing! Well..I got to do the first two, while huddled under an umbrella, rain falling all around us...but no Tiahna :(.

We got to the park early that morning, though....to beat the crowds.
We all wore our Micky ears shirts {I didn't get a picture of ALL of us until we were at my parent's house the next week...by the middle of the day, we were all covered in ponchos! Not easy to get a photo shoot that way. I was very proud of these shirts, too...especially James and Jax's.}
 We stopped at Pixi Hollow to say hi to Tink and friends.
While waiting, I caught this cute picture of James and his boy.
Two things to notice {other than the general over-kill of cuteness}
Jax has one finger on James' lips and then his other finger is shoved into that binky. It would have been an even funnier picture if he was trying to stick that finger into James mouth! Ha!
I was able to rig a holder into that stinkin' binky, too...booyah, take that. We've gone thru 25 of those binkys...but ever since I made that holder, we haven't lost even one!
 One ginormous bright spot in my day was lunch at the Blue Bayou, which is located inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride! I was lucky enough to have my bestest friend, Krista, there at lunch with me! She and her family take a yearly trip to Disneyland and we arranged it so we'd be there at the same time. It was a blast to be able to sit and catch up on life!
We both had babies at about the same time...they are only 2 week apart!
 James did such a wonderful job our trip...I know I've probably already said that 100 times. But I'm just so impressed with the thought and time he put into taking care of us. He can't predict the weather {which I did accuse him of that night, after walking home in the rain, being soaked and in a rage of a mood}.
You're fantastic, sweet....and I publicly apologize for being a real wench. ;)
 My pretties....
 This little dude did SO well...holy canoli...what a trooper...no naps, rainy, cold, being hauled onto strange and loud rides....good job, kid.
Give yourself a round of applause....

 And that is where my picture taking stops for the day... can't take pictures in the pouring down rain!
That night we were supposed to have hot chocolate and dessert while we watched the Fantasmic firework show.
Can we have a do-over....pretty please?!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Papa for the ponchos. That makes up for losing my umbrella!!! Are they in any of our pictures from this day? Jax also got to hang out with me and Papa in the cool fire station while waiting for you and Grammy and the girls to eat pizza or whatever you were doing. And don't forget the beignets were good and so was the chowda! Topher ordered dessert instead of lunch at the Blue Bayou, and the girls got tinkerbell toys on their drinks which helped Aubree calm down. Maybe we just needed to buy you a doll to play with that day, Sarah! ;)

It was very disappointing not being able to see Fantasmic. That was going to be one of the highlights of the trip. Even Papa sprung for those tickets. Luckily we got refunds since they canceled it. Don't forget to mention the girls at City Hall that my dad and I saw trying to get Handicap passes for their "friend" who was claustrophobic. That's the day you bought your cool hat, too. And don't forget that.....crap. I took too long to finish this comment and now I forgot what I was going to tell you to not forget.

Krista said...

I'm so glad I got to spend a bit of your birthday with you!! I miss you so much!! Sorry that it rained. I hope you had a great 30th birthday!! Love you!!

Julie said...

I L.O.V.E. their Minnie shirts. How darling! And their princess makeovers are just precious! Makes me excited for when Ellie is a little bit older! We want to head to Florida and Disney World! What a fun trip for you guys...even if it rained ;)

Julie said...

P.S. I LOVE Princess and the Frog too, it's such a fun/cute movie. I finally get to watch Princess movies!!!! And Kudos to James for wearing all of your fun T-shirts!