Thursday, March 24, 2011

All growed up

At the beginning of Spring Break week, before we left on our trip, Bella was able to have her friend over for a sleep over. Both she and Aube were so, so, SO excited.
This was their first time having anyone other than family stay over....of course, these friends are what we call our Texas family....we've known them for almost 5 years now.

They were able to play all day before-hand...then kept on playing.
We went out to eat at our fave spot, Chili's {kids eat free, Woot.}
Then we came home and stayed up late painting finger and toe-nails and making a yarn doll.
{you know I had to get crafty!}
I thought Aube might be too much of a 3rd wheel...but she fit right in, thank goodness. I'm sure it won't always be like that...but I hope my girls can stay friends! {*crossing fingers*}

I also got a taste of what it's like to be "the mom". You know...where your kids don't depend on you for every single moment of entertainment...they are in their own little world...they do/say things when they think you aren't looking {not bad stuff...they are just trying to make their friend laugh, or having a girly-girl conversation}. You're watching them...but from the other room. I's hard to explain....but it was just that moment where you realize your kids are going to have some-what completely separately lives from you, make their own day go to college and get married! EEEEEK!!!! But they are only 6 and we won't go down that road, yet, lol.

I'm thankful the girls have good friends. I remember my first sleepover....and coming home at 3am, making my mom walk across the street to Beth's house to get me! I hope that we can maintain a home that is comfortable for their friends to come and stay in, just like the home I grew up in.