Thursday, June 30, 2011

10 years, baby!

On June 1st we celebrated our 10 year anniversary....
TEN YEARS. Where did the time go???

We had a blast that Wednesday night ..... went to our favorite place, Texas de Brazil. Ate too much, laughed a ton....couldn't have asked for a better night!

We decided to celebrate with friends this year....Jetta and Sam celebrate 10 years this year,, actually (Happy Anni, sweets!). But they love a good brazillian meal just as much as we do and a good coupon! Ha! If you sign up on Texas de Brazil's website, you get a buy one-get one coupon for your anniversary and birthday.

James thought it would be funny to take pictures while we were 'prepping' for the actual picture. Doh!

Yeah...I thought it was a tad funny....can't tell, can ya?

Even tho she is selling her house, trying to get out of our neighborhood, I still love the girl! I just wish I would have met her sooner! But....good friends will stay good friends, no matter how far the distance, right?! Right!

Holla. haha.


~jAnA~ said...

WOW 10 YEARS!!!!! I remember that day like it was yesterday!! That darn Vegas heat...and chasing you guys around temple grounds. haha Love ya, and Congrats!!!!

Simply Sarah *K* said...

I remember that, too, Jana!! I felt so lucky having y'all come out and take our pictures! Love, love it!