Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome back....

I've been out of sorts lately....not really feeling the urge to do much. Which stinks because I've actually felt better this week! So what gives?!
I've been dealing with some pain-in-the-neck issues {no, not James}...which started back the week school started. For two weeks straight I couldn't move my neck. It was horrible and painful, full of sleepless nights. I spent a ton of time with ice and heat on my neck.
James bought me some of those stick-on heating pads....they are divine, I tell ya!
After two weeks, I finally went to the doctor....who gave me muscle relaxers and some anti-inflammatory meds, along with an xray request.... said this pain was probably related to my accident back in March and it may take up to a month of taking the meds for the pain and tension to go away.
I told her I was probably going to look into chiropractic care, since I could really feel the area that it was coming from and it felt like it needed some adjusting. She told me that no one in their office would refer to chiro....because "they're quacks". Um, ok, lady.
So....I went to a chiropractor. lol.
My insurance didn't cover it because I didn't have a referral, but the office I went to on the advice of some friends from church happened to have decent cash option, I figured I could get to {afford} two or three sessions.
I was able to get in the next day with Dr Elizabeth Taylor {fantastic name, yes?} and she is just as fantastic as her name. I was able to talk to Dr Taylor about everything....she agreed that yes, this was a result of the accident and it was only a matter of time before something  like this happened. And she mentioned I should check with my car insurance to see if I had PIP, which would cover any medical expenses. Lo and behold, we do pay for PIP every month....and it's now paying for my chiropractic nice is that? Because I do believe in's not a quack. I think that both the medical field and the holistic fields have good things about would be nice if they would learn to work hand-in-hand. Anyway...
Dr Taylor did her best on that first appointment....she tried to adjust my neck, but the pain was so intense I just started bawling....I gave the poor lady a scare. I've got so much scar tissue in my neck {I need regular massages!!} it really hinders any type of work that needs to be done. But man! It opened a flood gate of tears. I iced my neck on and off, for the rest of the day....took some of those lovely crazy pills muscle relaxers, I even used some old massage-stretching tricks and whatdoyaknow....I woke up Friday able to turn my neck just a little bit farther in each direction....and by Saturday, holy moly, even the radiating pain was gone.
I was able to go get Xrays done that Saturday....and the tech let me take a copy home for the chiro. Our family had a heckuva looking at {and making fun of....}these babies....
Fun, huh??
I'm just glad it's resolving itself....that I'm able to go to a doctor I trust and can work with.


Stephanie said...

Poor thing! That's miserable. I hope it continues to get better.

And I think it stinks that so many docs and people associated with them are so snooty about chiropractors. When I was a teenager I went to doctor after doctor for some hip issues. Nothing resolved the pain... until I went to a chiropractor.

Shannon said...

Oh Sarah!! I am so sorry. This is awful and I feel awful I had no idea, which proves it's been too long. I am grateful that chiro was able to get the healing process started for you! You are in my prayers for a speedy recovery!

Jenni said...

Chiropractors are awesome. I hope you get to feeling all better soon.

Lois Brown said...

So glad you were able to get the help needed and that your insurance is helping out!! Yay!! hope your better soon!