Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How do you entertain children during down time on a vacation?

You take one Tia Kari {plus} some Pinterest and other ideas and it {equals} happy happy kids.
But you gotta have the Tia Kari part {sorry, we love her too much, you can't have her}.
Tia came up with SO many cool things for the kids to do....
They collected bugs!

They went on a Nature Scavenger hunt.
Look! It's moss!
Played some Simon Says and Red Light, Green Light.
Tia also came up with making kaleidoscopes, painting pillow cases, and making lanterns from bottles of water and glo-sticks! Seriously, the girl is a genius.

The set up of our "cabins" made it easy for the kiddos to run from one house to another.
This picture is taken standing by Grammy and Papa's door....behind this too cute fence to the right was our cabin, and the one to the left was Lisa and Kari's cabin.
Each cabin had a grill, patio furniture to enjoy eating outside, a kitchen and a hot tub....which we didn't use until the last 2 nights {man were we missing out!}
We rented these cabins thru Kellogg Vacation Homes.
Great little homes, great price, beautiful scenery. Bliss.
Dres is the baby of the kid crew...
Such a cutie....wishing he could play outside with the big kids!
Since we knew we'd be doing alot of driving back and forth, we rented a car at the airport in Spokane....and Ford Taurus Limited. Sa-weetest car {new car smell, yum!}.
Unfortunately the bike racks from Saturday's trip put a good sized dent in the trunk area.
Since I'm awesome {and remember everything I've pinned on Pinterest} I suggested using a plunger to get the dent out, instead of buying a $30 dent kit. And did it work? Heck yeah! And they were even able to return the plunger! Bam!
The menu was picked out with special we were lucky enough to have great food every night. One of the nights, Alexis fried up her famous fried chicken. SO GOOD! 


Colton Anne said...

So...I know my family is supposed to be in charge of the next Sargent family reunion this next summer...but seriously this is what I envision...especially on the housing situation! So awesome!