Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Our Disneyland Vacation *Day 5*, Balboa Beach & Pier

Sunday, May 5th, 2013
We set aside one of the days of our vacay to visit the beach. 
It was one of the more chillier days, but we were still excited to go! So we donned our swimsuits....and jackets and headed out to Balboa Beach and Pier, and Peninsula Park.
 photo IMGP6735_zpsf5df09a4.jpg
We got there a little before lunch time, so the first thing we did was walk down the pier to a cute little place called Ruby's Diner. Yummy burgers, soup, salad and SHAKES!
 photo IMGP6743_zpsaaa87796.jpg
This is where we learned Jax loves to eat....lettuce. Little rabbit.
 photo IMGP6748_zps412bd4d2.jpg  photo IMGP6740_zps0ed189f6.jpg 
After lunch, we staked a place on the not-so-busy beach. The kids braved the chilly weather and got busy trying to build sand castles, burying themselves in the sand and looking for sea shells.
 photo IMGP6764_zps8a614b83.jpg

 photo IMGP6758_zps4b43d442.jpg 
I just noticed that Aube has her goggles (gobbles) on in this picture....don't know if it was more for the water, or to keep the sand out of her eyes!
 photo IMGP6775_zpsbda562e9.jpg 
They spent minimal time in the water...the time they did spend, tho, was full of giggles.
Seeing who could go out the furthest and stand up against the waves was the funnest part. Bella got knocked down a few times and wasn't impressed with the salty taste of the water! She's such a brave girl!
 photo IMGP6794_zps35dd020e.jpg photo IMGP6803_zps63b87b2c.jpg

 photo IMGP6786_zps6dfabcce.jpg
We spent a good part of the afternoon there, then headed back to the hotel to wash the sand off.
For dinner, we headed to Downtown Disney and ate at the Earl of Sandwich....home of the worlds greatest hot sandwich (debatable...but still yummy!!)
 photo IMGP6804_zpsd9bd4f07.jpg 
After dinner, we went to the Lego store. 
 photo IMGP6814_zpsa2e39e9e.jpg
Where we built and built and built.  
 photo IMGP6813_zps078660c3.jpg
So many cool things built of Legos! 
 photo IMGP6810_zps9428d07e.jpg


Danielle said...

did bella fall asleep in the last picture? seriously, it's amazing they were still standing after all that in one day! what troopers!!!

Anonymous said...

We saw Iron Man 3 that night, too.