Thursday, September 5, 2013

Our Disneyland Vacation *Day 6*

May 6, 2013
Posing in front of the roller coaster they thought would be a blast....turned out it was not and they both came away from it greenfaced! They want to be like their daddy...but take after their mommy.
In planning our outfits for the week, I wanted to make a shirt for every day....but when turned into just a dream, I made sure we wore something representing our great state of Texas.
We got Fast Passes again for the Lightning McQueen ride. Oh so fun! And a very popular ride...even with Fast Passes, it was still quite a wait.
It was one of the more overcast days. That morning we got caught in a little bit of a downpour, but that only lasted for a little while, thank goodness!
I love Aube's face in this picture....stinking flash.
Making wishes.
I just have to say that I think these characters are very talented when it comes to signing! I don't know what I was thinking when I brought these ITTY BITTY sharpies (like 3 in long) for the characters to sign the book with....they could barely wrap their hands around it...especially if they were wearing gloves! We weren't turned away, tho....such great sports!

I love this little family of mine. It wasn't a perfect vacation....there were several moments where I wanted to drop my kids off at the lost & found, drama drama. But it was full of moments of pure joy and happiness, and those memories last the longest!
We were able to take in the new shows at the Royal Theater. Hilarious, I tell ya.
The first one we saw was Beauty and the Beast.
Jax decided to snooze thru the whole things. Girly shows will do that to a boy. This was actually the only time he slept like this during the day. 6 days will wear on ya.
The two gentlemen played each of the parts in Beauty & the Beast....Belle played herself, of course. The guy in the blue was so witty and charming....and a goofball. It was a great play!
He was funniest when he played Gaston....with cantaloupes as his muscles.
Belle and her Beast. Happily Ever After.
At the end of the show, they threw faux rose petals into the crowd....Bella and Aube both grabbed handfuls.....they know how mommy likes to keep things Ü
To finish up the 6th day, we spent some time in Toon Town. It's not a trip to Disneyland without finding Mickey! He's quite the popular fellow!