Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Let's go Rangers, let's go.

James switched jobs semi-recently.....his new boss is part owner of the Rangers. Actually, ever since he's worked at XTO, he's had a boss that has been an owner of the Rangers. But this new company is smaller, so the good ballpark seats are easier to come by! When he has the chance... he scoops them up! That chance came a few weeks ago and we were more than happy to take them!
Especially when they are 2 rows back from home base. SO CLOSE!
We were so close.... yet right in front of the 1st row there was a monitor with ESPN's coverage of the game. And every once in awhile, we'd see a glimpse of ourselves on TV! I got a few texts that night "I think I just saw you on TV" Faux-lebrities.
Speaking of REAL celebrities.
Hey there Jason Whitten.
Hey Dirk Nowitzki, one section over sitting between the dudes with the blue hats.
*star struck*
OH and HI cranky Aubree .... heaven forbid you don't get a pretzel. Or whatever it was.

No complaints from the parents!
It's such a different experience watching baseball closer than the nosebleed section. I love baseball, always have.... along with basketball, it's the sport I actually know what's going on. When you're sitting so close, you actually feel like you're a part of the game. Cause Beltre is totally going to turn to me and say "hey girl.... my shoulder hurts, want to bat this one for me?" Heh.
You never know.
We only had 4 tickets.... so Jax spent the evening with Gramma.
The girls ended up having a great time, just a few little hiccups. 
The Rangers may not be having the best season... but we love them anyways!!


Danielle said...

HA! what a funny night to see my bestie on the TV!! love y'all! so glad you get to go to cool things like this!