Saturday, February 16, 2008

belated Valentine's gift!

For this Valentine's Day, I wanted to send some
special LOVE to the grandparents, great-grandparents
and sweet little Rylee (who misses her La-La so very much)

Of course...I got it done a TAD late...hmmm
*that doesn't surprise you, does it?*
and now I can't send them b/c of our shortness
of cash with the switching of jobs...UGH. is a sneak peak...I'm so excited
for ya'll to get them b/c there are some really
cute pictures involved! As soon as I have some
extra money, I'll send them your way!!
Enjoy this little glimpse!


John & Janeane said...

Oh, those are SO cute!! Sarah, your creativity amazes me continually! You are SO good! Thank you so much for doing something special like this! You know we're gonna love it!! When do you find time to do these things?? :)

John & Janeane said...

And I totally understand about the tight budget thing... your boxes have made it to my car though!! :)

Caedyn said...

Martha Stewart has some pretty fierce competition! :-)

Caedyn said...

When are you guys going to come up for a photo shoot?

Krista said...

That is just beautiful!!

Bittles said...

Sarah you are so talented! I love those.